Marion Cotillard With A Halo Braid

If someone has got a brilliant bob in the French music industry, it has to be Marion Cotillard. She has impressed her fans  with her acting, singing and songwriting skills . Her several acclaimed roles in Inception, The Immigrant, A Very Long Engagement and more.

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Marion bob cut hairstyle is a ranging trend. Her modern jaw length with gentle layers promotes the illusion of extra volume and thickness. Her wavy, tousled shape looks chick and effortless and her hairstyle is quite easy to maintain too.




Marion’s side swept bangs shows a classing and simple style and is a great way to show elongated facial features.






Bob Haircut for Girls

A bob cut is basically a short haircut for women who wants to have typically cut straight hair around the head with some bangs on  the front.

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Bob haircut has got a rich history and many young girls during the WWII sported this haircut as it seemed unconventional and fashionable then the normal long hairs.

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A lot of celebs have been seen sporting bob haircut and it really suites them. Even this haircut can consist of several types including curly, wave or side parting. Apart from looking good, another advantage of this haircut is that it requires very less maintenance.