Taking Care Of Hurting Braids

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Hurting braids can cause lot of discomfort for anyone who wears them. The braids can be hurting mainly if they are created tightly and it can be solved with simple styling methods. You can just make the braids to lose by using simple tools without going to a hairstylist. There is no need to remove the braids completely when you feel them hurting.
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Making the cornrows or normal hair braids to loosen can take the tension out of the scalp. Go through the scalp on your head and try to rub them with fingers very gently and mainly on the places where you find the tension strong. You can also just massage the scalp with your fingers to find out the areas that cause discomfort and use the cotton swab to work it gently over the middle of your braid to make them loose without spoiling the hairstyle. Avoid wrapping the braids too tight while creating the ponytail and let the hair fall down on its down without putting them in a scarf. It is important to add moisture into the braid when you create them too tightly. Use normal moisturizing techniques on the braids to make them comfort. Always condition the hair in a proper way before creating the braids and maintain them perfectly by using hair conditioners. Don’t use leave-in hair conditioners too much as them can make the hairstyle look oily and sometimes they can also cause itchy scalp.

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Creating Braids Using Hair Straightening Tools

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Braiding hair can be done using various styling products and tools, but you can also use straight hairstyling products to achieve the same look. The hair products used on the straight hair are considered to be a perfect choice to create neat braids. You can use the straight hairstyling products on the hair to create braids along your hairline so it can give a completely neat look.
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First try to make the hair straight if it looks frizzy or if there are any flyaways. You can do this by using a heated hair straightener which is very important step before starting the braiding process. Then brush your hair using a paddle brush and divide one inch hair part along the hairline over your head. Now take the left out hair to make a simple ponytail. Next separate your hair part into three sections. Start crossing the three sections on each other just like creating a normal braid. After reaching the end of your hair take another one inch hair part just below your braid over the hairline for including it with the middle section in your braid. You can use the same technique on the remaining hair parts over the hair and make sure to keep the braid along your hairline to make it look neat. Finally use hair pins for keeping the braid in place and mist it using a spray. Use the hairspray only over the braid to make them look shiny and beautiful.

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