Choosing Brown Color Without Auburn Tone

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Coloring the hair with brown color can make it look best, but you must use the right product to achieve this look. The brown hair color is available with various tones and selecting the perfect one can be slightly difficult. Here are few things that must be considered while choosing brown hair color without auburn tone to prevent reddish brown hair color. While coloring the hair on your own by sitting at home always use 2-3 shades darker or slightly lighter than the brown color to achieve the result perfectly.
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There are different shades available in brown color, so try to select the suitable one. Look for brown colors that don’t contain auburn tone. Purchase ash brown hair color as it can prevent reddish brown color in your hair because it features green base. If you don’t want to use the ash color, try to get warm color or neutral brown color. Look for the contents on the coloring kit which will have neutral base hair color. Try to select unred color product to stay away from any kind of confusion while looking for neutral brown color. Some of the neutral brown hair color can make your hair look reddish. Just use the unred color on the hair before using the brown color and make sure to follow the instructions carefully during the coloring process. Consult a hair specialist if you are still not sure of using the right hair coloring product.

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