Removing Calcium Buildup From Hair

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Having calcium buildup in hair can make it look weak and this happens when your style the hair with hair relaxing product. The calcium buildup from the relaxers can cause buildup as well as skin problems if not treated properly. Never leave your hair with calcium buildup as it can damage the hair more. Here are few steps that can help you to resolve the calcium buildup from hair without getting your hair damaged. There is no need to use any special tools for treating the calcium buildup on your hair as you can do it with household products.
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First take apple cider vinegar with one part measure and mix it with four parts of water. Once the apple cider vinegar is mixed perfect with water, then mix olive oil in it. Now prepare yourself by wearing hand gloves and wrapping the head with a cloth to prevent the mixture from entering into the eyes. Next use the mixture over the hair gently and make sure to spread it throughout the hair. Try to rinse the hair completely and use leave-in conditioner to apply it over the hair with your fingers. The apple cider vinegar can make the hair look dry, so it is important to apply a little amount of hair conditioner. There are other products that can be purchase from a store for treating the hair with too much calcium, but this method can be safest.

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