Taking Care Of Thin Hair By Parting

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Having a thin hair can give a bad look and it can be adjusted by simply parting the hair to one side of your head. Everyone will face this issue in some part of their like and they will struggle to change their look. Just use this method for parting the hair which is thin without causing any damage to your hair.
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To start your process first clean the hair with the help of volumizing shampoo and try to condition the hair as usual. Avoid using the hairstyling products as it can make your hair to easily weigh down. Use a towel for drying your hair and apply a small amount of volumizing product all over your hair before combing it with wide tooth hair brush. Now you must use the hair dryer for drying your hair with low or medium heat. Try to flip your entire hair down while you continue the drying process. Use hair dryer over the hair strands from top to end over the head. Try to make the part in a line where it must run at the front of your head and then move at the middle. Then back comb your left out hair to make it look voluminous. At last you can apply hair color only if needed to cover the scalp and mist the entire hair with a flexible spray to keep the hair in place.

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Taking Care Of Damaged Extensions

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Damaged extensions normally occur due to excessive hairstyling using various tools. The damaged extensions will look very dry as well as dull that can become uncontrollable sometime. You can follow a particular technique with the help of moisturizing oil for treating the hair extensions that have been damaged. Use this treatment on the hair extension at least once in a week to achieve better result.
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First take the hair extensions and apply shampoo all over. Then rinse it using normal water and condition with a standard hair conditioner. Next you can dry it using a towel by simply blotting it. Now take the moisturizing oil in a bowl and heat it by just placing it in a bowl of hot water for 3 minutes. Make sure that the moisturizing oil doesn’t become too hot as it can damage the hair extension. Start spreading the moisturizing oil over the extensions using your fingers and gently massage it to make sure that it has been applied perfectly all over. Brush the hair extension using a comb and cover it using the shower cap for 5 minutes. Then take the shower cap out of the hair extensions and rinse it using warm water. Let the hair extensions dry on their own. You can also mix sweet almond along with 2-3 tbsp olive oil and hot oil for treating the hair extensions in the same way.

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Taking Care Of Damaged Bangs

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Damaged bangs can be difficult to correct as it can spoil your entire hairstyle. The bangs are the main thing in your hairstyle that can be easily seen by everyone. There are different things that can cause damage to the bangs and it can be adjusted by following a particular technique. Use the right conditioner for treating your hair properly and it can also help to maintain the entire hair perfectly without any damage.
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As usual begin the process after washing the hair using only moisturizing shampoo and get it conditioner properly. Dry the hair with a blow dryer after spreading a little amount of heat-protectant product all over the strands. Use a round brush while blow drying your hair and move from top to bottom of the hair. Now use the flat iron over your bangs to make it look thin as well as straight. Just apply medium heat with the flat iron over the bangs and mist it with a heat protectant product. Next you must divide the bangs into two different parts and secure them using the clamp. Now mist the bangs once again with the spray to make it stay in one place. Try to condition your hair with keratin-based hair conditioner to make it deep conditioned to avoid visiting a hair specialist. The keratin-based products can be helpful in repairing the damaged hair without harming it further.

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Taking Care Of Burnt Scalp

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Burnt scalp can give a hard time for everyone and it normally occurs due to various styling tools. Most of the people try to style their hair at home using chemical relaxers, coloring products and more that can lead to scalp burns. There are different methods that can be helpful in treating the scalp burns at home.
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Wash the hair using mild shampoos along with hair conditioners. Use slightly warm water for rinsing the hair and don’t use medicated shampoos as they can cause more irritation to the scalp. Apply oil that features vitamin E on the burnt scalp area over your head at least two times in a day as it can moisturize the scalp very soon. Also try using aloe vera hair gel for treating the burns on your scalp and it can be used for other problems related to skin. Aloe vera hair gel can be purchased at a store near you and make sure it contains natural products. Font use hairstyling products such as petroleum jelly as they will fail to enter into the scalp without treating the burns. Also stay away from hairspray and hairstyling products that feature alcohol for treating the burnt scalp. Comb the hair after treating the scalp perfectly and use only your fingers to style the hair. Always select organic products for treating the scalp fast as it is known to be harmless.

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Taking Care Of Blunt Bangs

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Blunt bangs can give a unique look if it is styled in a perfect way, but most of the time it can spoil your entire look. You can fix this problem without going to a hairstylist than waiting for the hair to grow long. Cut only small amount of bangs with the scissor till you get the desired effect.
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First brush the bangs using a normal comb to make it free from tangles and make sure that the bangs are fully dry before continuing the styling process. Now brush the bangs in front of the face and make different parts in the bangs. Take the bangs towards outside of your face and keep it in between pointer finger as well as the middle finger. Start cutting the hair that is coming out of your fingers using a standard scissor. Try to do vertical cuts at the end of your hair layer in the bangs with the same scissor and don’t make the scissor to enter deep into the bangs. Now take the bangs on top of the layer and cut it in the same way. At last comb the bangs that have been cut with the scissor and style it as per your wish. Apply a small amount of hair gel on the bangs to create a very chunky look and to get elegant look brush the bangs towards the side of the head.

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Taking Care Of Badly Permed Hair

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Getting a hair permed badly can spoil your look for time being and you can fix this at home with few simple styling products. It is important to fix this problem as soon as possible to prevent damage to the hair. In case the problem looks really bad get help from a hairstylist or you can just follow this simple styling technique.
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First look at your hair to see how bad the perm on your hair is. Then get deep conditioning treatment at home by using the conditioner on a wet hair. Let it stay on the hair for about five minutes and then rinse it normally. Next option is getting the hair trimmed that looks bad. The haircut will look short, but it is one of the best way to solve this problem. Don’t use hairstyling products such as blow dryer, curling iron and other heat styling tools as they can damage the hair further. You can trim the hair that looks curly at the end of your hair using scissors and make the hair smooth using the curling iron. The final option is washing the hair with conditioning shampoo before using the hair conditioner that has been recommended by the hair specialist. Apply a small amount of hairstyling products including mousse, hair gel and other styling products that are light on your hair. Avoid using harsh styling products after this process as it is not recommended.

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Taking Care Of Hurting Braids

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Hurting braids can cause lot of discomfort for anyone who wears them. The braids can be hurting mainly if they are created tightly and it can be solved with simple styling methods. You can just make the braids to lose by using simple tools without going to a hairstylist. There is no need to remove the braids completely when you feel them hurting.
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Making the cornrows or normal hair braids to loosen can take the tension out of the scalp. Go through the scalp on your head and try to rub them with fingers very gently and mainly on the places where you find the tension strong. You can also just massage the scalp with your fingers to find out the areas that cause discomfort and use the cotton swab to work it gently over the middle of your braid to make them loose without spoiling the hairstyle. Avoid wrapping the braids too tight while creating the ponytail and let the hair fall down on its down without putting them in a scarf. It is important to add moisture into the braid when you create them too tightly. Use normal moisturizing techniques on the braids to make them comfort. Always condition the hair in a proper way before creating the braids and maintain them perfectly by using hair conditioners. Don’t use leave-in hair conditioners too much as them can make the hairstyle look oily and sometimes they can also cause itchy scalp.

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Taking Care Of Roller Set Hair

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Once your hair has been set with the roller to achieve beautiful looking curls, there are few important things that must be followed to make the hairstyle look beautiful. Here are few simple steps that can be useful in treating the roller set hair. You can just use your hands along with few simple combing steps to correct the hairstyle. Don’t use styling tools during this process because the hair may lose its texture and it can also spoil your entire hairstyle.
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After taking the rollers out of the hair, try to comb them with the help of your hands only. Try to twist the hair away from the face which can be helpful in blending the hair together. The roller that was used for curling the hair normally depends upon the curl you are planning to create, so try to use big hair rollers as they can make the hair look more volumized along with a wavy look. By using the big rollers there is no need to styling the hair after the hairstyling process. Some of the hair section after using the rollers may look good, but you must also use them for styling with your hands. Use the same way for styling the remaining hair sections all over your head and make sure to do this using your hands only. Avoid using hairstyling tools that are known to style the hair after it set with the roller to prevent hair damage.

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Taking Care Of A Fuzzy Wig

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Fuzzy wig can give a bad look while wearing it on the head. You can change its texture using few simple styling methods. This normally occurs due to excess combing of hair and use heat styling tools and other products. Go to a hair specialist if you don’t want to try the following method at home. The hairstylist will use special products on the wig to remove the fuzzy look without causing any damage.
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To start the process, comb the hair using wide-tooth brush starting from end to the scalp on your head. Then take cold water in a tub and mix one tbsp wig shampoo in the water. Make the wig to submerge into the water for three minutes. Next towel dry your hair and apply a little amount of conditioner specially made for the wig. Let the wig become dry and use sharp shears for cutting the end of the wig. Keep the wig over the mannequin and mist the entire wig with the hairspray. Now you can comb the wig using the same wide-tooth brush that was used earlier to make it tangle free. Avoid using hair dryer for making the hair dry as it can make it fuzzy again. If you still see the flyaways on the wig use a fabric softener sheet on the wig to make it smooth. Then style the hair as per your wish and mist it with light-weight spray to end the process.

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Taking Care Of Wavy Micro Braids

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A wavy micro braid is a perfect hairstyle to be worn for special occasions. In order to keep the wavy micro braids in a perfect shape you must maintain it in a proper way. You must give special attention to your micro braids so the hair stays healthy without any heavy damage. Make sure to keep your hair moisturized in a proper way, so it remains damage free. There are few ways that can be used to maintain the wavy micro braids in a perfect condition before going to a saloon.
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First spritz your micro braids with water and add a leave-in hair conditioner all over. Then scrunch your hair and comb only the ends with a wide-tooth hair brush. Avoid brushing the braids as it can spoil the entire hairstyle. Another option is misting your hairstyle with oil-based hair moisturizer to keep the shine as it is. The wavy micro braids can become dull and using a moisturizing spray can keep it healthy. You can also wash your micro braids using a clarifying shampoo and apply a light conditioner. To do this you must first divide your hair into sections and use the shampoo over the hair toots. After applying the condition try to scrunch your hair using your fingers to make it look textured. Just in case all these steps fail to achieve the result that you are planning, go to a hair specialist to maintain the hair in a proper way.

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