Protein Treatment With Mayonnaise And Castor Oil

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Treating hair with protein products can make it strong and also free from all damages. It is possible to get a protein treatment for your hair at home than going to a hair specialist. Some of the items that can be used to prepare the protein treatment include mayonnaise and castor oil. You can purchase mayonnaise and castor oil from a food store. Avoid using other styling products when you are treating the hair with this process.
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First take half cup mayonnaise in a bowl and add one cracked egg into it. Then add 1 tbsp castor oil in the bowl and mix it completely. Now you can spread this mixture from the bowl all over your hair from end to the root. Comb your hair using wide-tooth brush which can help in spreading the product all over the hair evenly. Make sure to cover the entire hair strands with the mixture. Next wrap the head with plastic cap for about 15 minutes and you can also use warm towel to wrap your hair than using the plastic cap. Now you can wash the hair using a normal shampoo very gently and make sure that the hair becomes free from the product that was applied over it. Try to rinse your hair fully till it becomes clear from the residue and condition it as usual before styling it as per your desire.

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Steps To Prevent Hair Breakage With Castor Oil

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Castor oil is a product that can be applied on the hair for various reasons and it can also prevent hair breakage. The hair can maintain its original quality if your applying the castor oil over it. There is a particular method that is important to be followed while applying the castor oil over the hair. Some of the people would want to prevent their hair breakage by using hairstyling products that are costly, but this technique can help them in getting a perfect solution for hair breakage without spending any money as well as time by visiting a saloon.
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First take castor oil in your hand for spreading it all over your hair from top to end. You can also use the fingers to make the castor to spread throughout the hair. Simply run the fingers into your hair and gently massage it from the root to tips of your hair. Another way to spread the castor oil all over the hair is by using a wide tooth hair brush. Just comb the hair with wide tooth brush just like doing it with the fingers and make sure that the oil is spread to your entire hair. Do this on regular basis to maintain the hair healthy and also to prevent hair breakage. Don’t use any other styling products while using the castor oil over the hair as it may not work properly.

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