Steps To Close Trim Your Hair

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Close trimming hair is a process that can be used to cut the hair very short. This type of hairstyle is normally worn by men than women. This hair trimming process can vary among different people depending upon the texture of their hair. Here are few things that can be considered while styling the hair in this technique. Use a simple hair clipper with the right guards to achieve this style.
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First comb the hair to make it tangle free and decide about the length of your hair after the trimming process. Then take the clippers with particular guard for starting the cutting process. Make sure to cover your shoulder using a cloth to prevent the hair from falling over your dress. Begin the trimming process on individual hair strands from left side of the head and move towards the back of your head. To get low haircuts, try to cut the hair against its grain and use the shears later. Then take the guards from the clipper to lower its lever fully and trim the hair on your other side of the head. Try to cut the hairline near temples to make it look perpendicular on top of the hairline. To cut the hair near your neck, move the clippers along its edges gently. You must make the hairline look even on both the side of the head. After completing the trimming process apply a little amount of oil on the trimmed areas.

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