Tips To Prevent Coarse Hair From Drying

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Keeping the hair dry can make it look very dull and if your hair is coarse then it can even get damaged easily. The coarse hair can become dry due to absence of the natural oils that are produced in the scalp. The most common thing that makes your hair dry is excessive washing and using of harsh products for styling the hair. There are few things that can be used to prevent coarse from drying.
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Avoid using hair products that are bad to your hair type as it can take the natural oil present in the hair. Stay away from shampoos that feature strong chemicals such as sodium sulfate as they can cause dry hair. Also don’t wash the hair everyday and try using deep conditioner once in a week. Reduce the usage of heat styling tools such as flat iron and blow dryer as they can make the natural oils to dry from the scalp and in case you want to use these tools try to apply a small amount of heat protecting spray. Some of the people face the dry hair issue due to health problems. If you body lacks vitamins, proteins and other nutrients can make the hair look weak leading to breakage. You must consume beans, whole grains and animal meat as they are some of the most important nutrients. The final option is consulting a doctor even if you have a dry coarse hair even after following all these methods.

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