Hairstyle With Blonde Black Color

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Blonde black color can give a very unique as well as dramatic look to your hair. There are many celebrities who color their hair in this way to look completely different. You must follow this simple method to color your hair and make it blonde black.
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First you must select the blonde coloring kit suitable for your hair. In case your hair is naturally blonde, try to lighten it slightly and others can follow the instruction on the kit. Those who don’t have a blonde hair must color their entire hair with blonde color. It is better to get help from a hairstylist if you don’t have a naturally blonde hair color. Now select the tone of your black color which can be high or low depending upon your look. Then comb the hair to make separate a section of hair horizontally over the head in straight line and make the remaining hair part to stay down. Now secure the hair on top of the head using a ponytail holder and cover the horizontal part using aluminum foil. Start coloring the bottom section of the hair without touching the top part. Once the bottom hair section has been covered with black color, leave it on for the time mentioned in the instructions and rinse it as usual. Finally remove the ponytail holder from the top section to make your hair fall on its own.

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Using Demi-Permanent Color On Hair

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Demi-permanent color can be the best option if you want to make the hair color stay longer than the semi-permanent color. This product can be the best option to color your hair without getting it damaged. The hair color can stay on for 10-20 washing if it is applied over your hair in a proper way. The demi-permanent color is available online that can be purchased for using it at home without going to a saloon. If required consult a hairstyling before purchasing them to know which is better for your hair.
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As usual wash the hair and make it dry without using a hair dryer. Avoid using any type of hair conditioning products or gels over the hair. But you can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly near the hairline to avoid the color from entering into skin. Wear hand gloves and take the applicator along with hair color for spreading it over the hair. Make sure that you are able to apply the product all over the hair evenly. Then brush your hair using the comb that will be provided along with the product to make the color spread throughout your hair strands. Leave the hair with the color for 15 minutes and rinse it fully using warm water. You can apply a little amount of shampoo during the rinsing process and dry the hair naturally without the help of a blow dryer.

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Applying Color On Your Hair Roots

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Coloring the roots of your hair requires special technique to prevent the hairstyle from looking bad. There is a special way of coloring the hair roots without visiting a saloon. Make sure that your hair is free from dust and clean it following normal procedure. Also wear hand gloves before starting the coloring process. Try to follow the procedure mentioned on the coloring kit while applying it over your hair.
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To start first try to dry the hair as usual using a hair dryer and mix the color in a bowl by following the instructions carefully. Start spreading the color on your damp hair from one side and gently move to other side. Apply color over your hair strands over the hair and also over your scalp. After applying the color over your hair and also saturate the hair roots. The entire coloring process will take about half an hour for the first time. In case you want to enhance the color over the hair, try to use a shine serum. Avoid using hair oil during the coloring process as it can make your styling time more. Let the color on your hair for the time mentioned on the coloring product before washing it as usual. Don’t leave the color on your hair for a long time without washing as it can make your hair color look dark as well as bad.

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Dealing With Green Hair While Applying Brown Color

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There is a very usual problem that can be faced by most of people while coloring their brown hair. Most of the time if you try to change the color of your hair to brown it can turn into green as it features three natural colors. There are ways that can help while dealing with such an issue. Always consult a hair specialist while coloring your hair to prevent damage to the hair. Don’t mix the color and the developer as per your desire and try to follow the instructions mentioned on the kit for better result.
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To begin the process, first you must remove the tangles in your hair by brushing it and create four parts in your hair. Then take 2 oz color in a bottle and mix 2 oz 10 volume developer. Wear hand gloves and shake the bottle to mix both the ingredients properly. Start applying the mixture on your hairline in the middle of the head. Try to apply this mixture on one hair part before moving onto the other. Use the same mixture on your hair as well as the scalp on your head. Make the hair parts to get saturated completely and leave it on for at least twenty minutes. Next use warm water for rinsing the hair and apply the normal shampoo to wash the hair along with hair conditioner to end the process.

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Applying Gold Blonde Color On Gray Hair

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Achieving gold blonde hair can make it look completely beautiful and unique. The gold blonde can also give a youthful look if you are changing the gray looking hair. There are few things that can be done to get this hair color at home than visiting a saloon.
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First purchase a hair color in golden blond from beauty product supply stores and use the swatches to choose the best color for your hair. Wear gloves in your hand and start mixing the hair color in a bowl along with thirty volume developer by following the instructions on the box. Create sections in your hair by making a simple center part over the head and secure each of them with a clip. Now take the first hair section for applying the color over it from top to end. Stay away from your scalp while applying the hair color and make sure the hair section gets saturated fully with the color. Use this technique on the remaining hair sections secure each of them separately using the clip. The color on your hair must be left without rinsing for the time mentioned on the box as the gray hair will consume more time to hold the color. Then rinse the color from your hair using warm water and apply a shampoo for washing it. You must also use a hair conditioner on regular basis to maintain the color for longer time.

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Taking Demi-Permanent Color Out Of Your Hair

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Demi-permanent color is used to make the hair look dark and it is not possible to lighten your hair using this color. It is known to cause very less damage to the hair. These types of hair colors normally stay on hair for about 6 weeks before fading away from hair slowly. In case you want to remove the demi-permanent color out of your hair, just follow these simple techniques.
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Always wash the hair with clarifying shampoo which can help to take the excessive molecules in the color out of your hair. This can also help to make the hair color look light very soon. Another option is using color remover to take the demi-permanent color out and you can purchase this product from a store or consult a hairstylist. Try to divide the hair into sections and brush them properly before getting this treatment for removing hair color. Try to do a strand test with the color remover before using it on the colored hair. Follow the instructions on the package without fail during the styling process. After using the color remover on the hair try to wash it using a normal shampoo. If you find any orange color on your hair after the process, try to use lighter demi-permanent hair color to cover it perfectly. At last wash the hair with standard shampoo before conditioning it with suitable hair conditioner.

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Color Hair Using A Jello

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Jello is a food product that can also be used to color the hair to achieve a completely unique look. It is normally available as powder that can be mixed in a proper way for using it on the hair. Before using this product as a hair color try to purchase it from a store along with other items such as aluminum foil, shower cap, petroleum jelly and hair conditioner. This product can be used only on a light colored hair and if you are using it on the dark hair try to bleach it.
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First clean the entire hair as usual and spread the petroleum jelly near the hairline which will prevent the color from falling on to the skin. Take the jello in a bowl and mix it with a hair conditioner until it becomes creamy. Now place a cloth on the shoulders and wear hand gloves. Use your fingers to apply the hair conditioner all over the hair before keeping the shower on the head to cover the colored hair. Make sure to saturate each hair section with the aluminum foil if you are planning to create streaks in your hair. Let the colored hair to dry on its own for about one hour and you can also leave it for some more time to make the color stay on your hair for a longer time. Finally use normal water for rinsing the hair to end the styling process.

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Dirty Blonde Hair Color

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Dirty blonde hair can give a unique look if it is styled in a proper way. But if you have colored hair too dark and planning to change it back to dirty blonde look, you must try to follow a proper technique and coloring process. Consult a hair specialist while selecting the right product for coloring your hair.
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Begin the styling process after covering the shoulder with a waste cloth and wear hand gloves. Then mix hair lightening product along with developer in a bowl after purchasing them from a store. Start spreading the mixture all over the hair strands all over the head and avoid using the mixture on the hair roots. Let the color mixture to stay on the hair for the recommended time and rinse it using normal water. Once the hair gets washed completely, try to dry it using a towel. Now you must use the toner after mixing it with the developer in the bowl. Follow the directions mentioned on the bottle before applying it over the hair. To make dark hair light, you must use yellow as well as orange tones and use it over your entire hair strands. Leave it on for about twenty minutes and rinse it as usual. Now use a deep hair conditioning product all over the hair and leave it for about ten minutes. This is a very important process that must be followed without fail after coloring the hair with chemical products.

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Applying Liquid Gel Color On Your Hair

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A liquid gel color can be used for achieving different kind of look in your hair. You can get different types of hair color with this liquid gel color. This hair color can help to increase about five levels of color in your natural hair. Try to select the right brand of liquid gel color before starting the styling process. Consult a hairstylist to known which color is best for your hair type. Here are few things that are important while using liquid gel color on your hair.
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First decide about the hair color that you want to achieve using the liquid gel color and apply a protectant cream around the hair line to prevent the color from moving over the skin around your face. Wear hand gloves during the process to protect the skin as this color can be harmful. Next take half ounce of hair color in a bowl and mix about double amount of developer in it. Try to mix both these products perfectly and start using them on your hair strands with the help of the brush that is available with the product. Try to apply the hair color to achieve either light or dark color in your hair. Now you can cover the hair with the shower cap after covering the entire hair with the color mixture. After leaving it for the prescribed time take the shower cap out of the head and rinse the entire hair.

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Using Turmeric To Change Hair Color

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Coloring a gray hair to look blonde can be done using various styling products. But there is another option that can be followed to change the gray hair at home by using turmeric. This is the best and natural way for changing the color of your hair that can be done without getting any help from a hairstylist. After creating the required hair color try to apply it over a strand of hair to check if you have any allergy for turmeric. Avoid using too much of turmeric in the water to prepare the color mixture as it can make the hair look yellow.
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First take boiling water in a bowl and add 1/4 cup grated turmeric root in it. Leave the water to steep and cover it with a lid. Leave the grated turmeric root in the water till it becomes completely cool. Now take only water from the bowl and pour it in a bottle. Place a towel around the shoulders to prevent the mixture from falling on your cloths. Wear hand gloves and start using the mixture that is in the bottle all over the hair from root to end. You can use your fingers to do this and try to apply it over the hair in sections. After covering the hair with this mixture brush the hair and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Then wash the hair using a shampoo before applying a suitable hair conditioner all over the hair.

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