Prevent Dark Hair Ends While Coloring

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Most of the people like to color their hair dark to make them look beautiful and this can be a perfect choice for winter season. While coloring your hair there are chances that your hair ends can become much darker than the actual color. There are ways to prevent dark hair ends while coloring your hair with a dark color. This process can be done at home by purchasing a hair coloring product from a hairstyling store ear your home.
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First make 4 parts in your hair and pull out half-inch hair section for using the color over it from mid-way. Try to color your hair towards the hair roots and leave the hair ends as it is. Use the same method to color the other sections of your hair leave to dry for about 15 minutes. Now spread a small amount of hair conditioner over your hair ends so they can stay away from the hair color. This will avoid the color from entering into your hair and maintain its original color. In case you are trying this option over a pre-lightened hair, then make sure to give extra care while using the color over it as they will be fragile when compared to natural hair. Then you can apply the hair color over the remaining hair parts as usual and leave it for 15 minutes to dry and rinse the entire hair as usual.

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Coloring Hair With Kinky Twists

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Creating kinky twists in your hair can give a very unique look, but you can create this look with the natural hair or hair extensions. In case you are planning to color your hair kinky twists, try to follow the best coloring technique. You can use any type of hair on your kinky twists depending upon your choice. Make sure to do the strand test before applying the color over the entire hair to know if you are allergy to coloring product.
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To color your natural hair with kinky twists, first purchase the coloring product and mix the color by following the instructions mentioned on the kit. Then follow the instructions to spread the color over your hair and dry the entire hair by blow drying it with the hair dryer. Now you can try to style your hair like the kinky twists. To color the kinky twist hair extensions, first apply the color over the hair strand to make the patch test for any allergies. You can color your kinky twists just coloring your dreadlocks. Try to rinse the hair as usual and make sure each of your hair strand has been washed away properly. You can follow the instructions carefully without leaving any of the points written in it to color your kinky twists in a perfect way. If you have a dark looking hair, try to bleach your entire hair before using the coloring product.

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Prevent Brassy Look While Coloring Brown Hair

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Most of them will try changing their hair color at home and while doing so the hair color can become brassy. The brassy look is very common when you are changing the brown hair color into blonde. You can just follow these steps for treating the brassy look after the coloring process. Try to purchase the right styling product for treating the brassy tones which includes semi-permanent toner.
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First place a cloth around you shoulders to prevent the hairstyling product falling over your dress. Then take the toner and mix it perfectly by following the instructions on the kit. Start applying it over the hair such as near your scalp where the brassy tone can easily appear. Apply the mixture only where it is actually required. Cover the head with a plastic cap and leave it for about half an hour to get it processed. After taking the shower cap out of the head, try to wash it using a shampoo and apply a suitable hair conditioner. Look all over the head and there will be no brassy tones. If you see any type of brassy tone at any part of the hair, try to follow the same technique all over again. Don’t over use the product on the hair as it can spoil your entire look and always follow the instructions on the product to prevent any type of bad result.

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Coloring Hair With Orange Juice

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Orange is also known to be used for coloring the hair and it can even remove buildup on your hair to make it look shiny. Just like the lemon juice, orange can make dull looking hair bright, but the end results may vary. You need to purchase few items before starting the styling process such as oranges, spray bottle, normal hair shampoo and hair conditioner.
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First take 2 oranges in a jar of the juicer to make orange juice. Then store it in a spray bottle and mix it with water. Try to shake the bottle gently to mix both the ingredients. Now divide the hair as four separate parts and keep them secured individually with hair clips. Mist the hair with the mixture starting from front of the head and then slowly move to the back of the head. Try to do the same on your remaining hair sections as you move towards them. After covering the entire hair with orange juice, try to cover it using a shower cap which will help in making them enter into the hair shaft easily. Then sit under hooded dryer with medium heat for about one hour to make the hair set perfectly. Now you can use a normal water to rinse the hair and try to use shampoo during this process. At last condition your hair normally and style it as you wish.

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Coloring Gray Hair With Matrix Color

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Matrix hair color is a demi-permanent dye that is known to stay on your hair for two months only. The color on your hair will look will look in perfect form on each strands after applying this color which will give a completely natural look. You must follow important steps while applying this color on gray hair.
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First take the matrix hair color out of the box and mix it in a bowl with the help of tint brush. Wear the hand gloves that are provided along with the product before starting your process. Then apply the color on your hair using tint brush from top to end starting from the root and move gently to the end of your hair. Let the color stay on your hair for about half an hour or the time mentioned on the coloring product. Wear a shower cap during this time to make the color to dry on your hair. Then you can simply rinse the entire hair using warm water and spread a small amount of conditioner all over the hair. You must only apply the conditioner on your hair that is provided along with the coloring product. Next rinse your hair conditioner using normal water and let it dry naturally. Don’t use any type of hair dryer during the drying process as it can make the hair to look dry without any shine.

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Coloring Hair Using Mascara

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Hair mascara is available in different color options and it is mostly used to create temporary highlights in the hair. You can easily remove the mascara color from your hair without using any special products. Here is a simple step to color the hair with mascara. You can apply the mascara on your hair without getting a support from anyone. Try to sit in front of the mirror during the styling process to make sure that the hair sections have been colored evenly.
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Start with a fully combed and clean hair which is very important while applying the mascara. Make sure that your hair is free of flyaways and it must flow freely without any tangles before styling the hair. Then keep the hair as you wish and divide the section that will be used for applying the mascara. Try to apply the mascara over your hair section from its root and move towards the end. You can use the mascara more than 1 time if the color achieved is not good. Avoid using the mascara too much on the hair as it can create spiky hair. Use more than two colors on the hair sections depending upon your choice.  But make sure that the color used on each hair section has the same width. Continue to add mascara on the hair section very gently until all of them have been highlighted.

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Coloring Hair With Color Filler

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Color filler is useful in spreading the color evenly throughout the hair. It can also correct the hair that looks porous due to chlorine. This product is available in various colors such as red, yellow, blue and more. In case you are trying this product at home purchase a neutral shade which is known to make the hair color look same all over. Consult a hairstylist before using the color filler on your hair at home to know which one is the best for your hair type.
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To use the color filler properly, first buy neutral color filler from a beauty product store and make sure it is in neutral shade to match your hair color. Then clean the hair using warm water and shampoo. Avoid using a hair conditioner after washing the hair as it can prevent the hair fillers to enter into the hair shaft. Take the color filler in the hands and start spreading it all over the hair from root moving towards the hair shaft. Use the color filler at the end of the hair as it will look more porous when compared to the hair roots. Leave the color filler on your hair as per the time mentioned on the product which will be about 5-10 minutes only. Now apply the hair color just over your color filler without rinsing the hair and don’t take the filler out of the hair until the entire hair has been colored perfectly.

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Using Gelatin For Coloring Hair

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Gelatin is one of the best choice for coloring the hair to get a funky look. It is important to use this product in a proper way to make the hair look beautiful without getting it damaged during the styling process. Gelatin has no chemicals in it which makes this product easily usable by anyone at home. It is also best product that can be used on kid’s hair to change the hair color without being worried about any hair damages.
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The first thing to do is pre-lightening the hair using a lightener or you can also bleach the hair completely. Then take the gelatin and mix it with hot water to create paste like substance. This will be useful in making the gelatin sit easily on the hair strands effectively and provide the best result. Start applying it all over the hair from top to end using your hands or you can also use a hair coloring brush. The gelatin can be left on the hair for a long or short period depending upon your desire and it does not contain any type of chemicals that cause damage to the hair which is one of the best thing about this product. You can make the gelatin to stay on the hair as long you wish and it can easily give a great look as long as it is left on the hair. Try to wash the hair normally to take get rid of the gelatin.

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Coloring Your Hair Red Naturally

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Coloring the hair with a natural product can be the safest method to stay away from hair damages. There are different ways that can be used to color the hair with red highlights with natural hair colors than going for a chemical colors. Here are few things that can help to add the natural highlights to your hair without using any type of chemical hair coloring products. Anyone can use this technique to color their hair naturally without consulting a hair specialist as it is completely harmless to your hair.
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First prepare clove tea or black coffee whichever if you prefer is the best option. Then make it cool fully and keep it aside. Next wash your entire hair with shampoo and make sure to rinse it completely. Now take the tea and apply it all over the hair from top to bottom. Let the hair stay with the mixture for about fifteen minutes and wring the hair. Now rinse the hair once again with the mixture and leave it for another fifteen minutes. At last take the mixture out of your hair by just washing it as usual. Now you must condition the hair normally and style it as per your desire. You can use the mixture to rinse the hair as per your wish which usually depends upon the brightness you want to add to your hair. While leaving the hair with the mixture cover it with the shower cap.

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