Using Conair Rollers To Style Hair

conair hot hair roller conair hot hair roller2
Conair rollers are the best hairstyling tools that can be used to create beautiful wavy and curly hairstyle. The rollers can be heated electrically that can be used for styling the hair in different ways. It is also available in various options that can be purchase as per your hair type. Always use the rollers on a completely dry hair without causing any damage to it. Apply the rollers vertically over the hair section to create curls and use it horizontally to create the waves.
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As usual comb the hair to make it tangle free and mist it with water. Then plug in the roller in the electrical socket to make it heat slightly. Take small part of hair for keeping it over the roller and try to pull the hair ends just below the roller. Start rotating the roller towards upward on your head till you reach the scalp and secure it using the clips. Now take another hair section and use the same technique over it. Try to use the same method throughout your hair section by section and let the rollers stay on the hair part for about 15-20 minutes. Start taking the rollers out of your hair after taking the clips out and do this process very gently. At last use a hairspray to mist the entire hair and try to comb the hair to add more body into it.

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