Using Egg White To Create Hair Spikes

egg white hair egg white hair2
Creating a spike hairstyle is a simple process and it involves only few styling products. You can also use the egg white to achieve the spiky look. This hairstyle can give a very dramatic look if you make it stay on the hair for a long time. You can use any number of eggs on your hair, but use only egg white to get the hairstyle perfectly.
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egg white hair5 egg white hair6
First take 1 egg cracked in a bowl and divide the white form separately. Now mist the egg white with hairspray which is a very important process that must be done without fail as it can remove the odors from the egg. Start mixing the egg whites using a electric mixer till it becomes thick. Now brush the hair and take a small section to create the spike. Try to spread egg white over the hair from top to bottom using your hands and create the spiky look as per your desire. Use the same styling process all over the hair by pulling out small sections. You can use the comb while applying the egg white over your hair to achieve the spiky look. At last mist the entire hair with hairspray to complete your styling process. In case you want to wash the hair, just use the normal hair shampoo and there is no need to use other special products for cleaning your hair.

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Steps To Create Choppy Ends In Your Hair

choppy ends choppy ends2
Creating choppy ends in the hair is a simple process that can be created to get a edgy look. The hair must be cut in an angle to achieve this look than cutting the hair straight across your head. Consult your hairstylist before cutting the hair at home and get the tools ready to begin the haircutting process. Just use the following method to get the choppy ends in your hair.
choppy ends3 choppy ends4

choppy ends5 choppy ends6
To start your haircutting process, first as usual wash your hair using a shampoo and maintain the hair damp during the process. Then take half inch hair in your forefinger and the middle finger, for cutting the hair with the scissors. Keep the scissors vertically down over your hair to cut the hair and continue the cutting process in the same manner around your head. Then collect half inch hair to cut it into triangular shape and now you will have various lengths of hair all over your head. Spread a small amount of hair gel over the hair using your fingers and concentrate mainly at the ends of your hair. Now take half inch hair part at the end and try to twist hair into points and there will be hair ends that will stay together slightly which can easily enhance your choppy look. Get some practice to cut the hair before applying this technique on your hair at home.

choppy ends7 choppy ends8

Using Weave To Create Hair Braids

weave hair braids weave hair braids2
Styling your hair like the braid using a weave can give a unique look and it is mostly liked by African-American women. This hairstyle can be achieved using single braids to get a classic look and it can be used to create other types of hairstyle also. It is a perfect hairstyle for a casual event and creating this hairstyle can be a difficult process.
weave hair braids3 weave hair braids4

weave hair braids5 weave hair braids6
First divide weave into one small section which should separate the hair into a section about one square inch. Take the rest of your weave and secure it with a hair band to keep it away during the styling process. Now take a small section of hair and divide it into three equal sections. Hold it in your right hand, take middle section in between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. Take the section at the far left between your thumb and forefinger of the left hand. Cross the section at the left over the middle section and take it under the crook of the middle finger, then moving the middle section to the left hand. Use the new middle section to go in between your thumb and forefinger, then cross it at the far right over the middle section. Continue the braiding process until you reach the end of the hair and use the same method to braid other sections that were secured earlier.

weave hair braids7 weave hair braids8

Using Kanekalon Hair To Create Senegalese Twists

kanekalon hair twist kanekalon hair twist2
Kanekalon hair is a synthetic hair that is used to create Senegalese twists and this hairstyle can look similar to a braid if you create it with the help of Kanekalon hair. You can use any type of Kanekalon hair starting from short to long to create the Senegalese twists without going to a saloon.
kanekalon hair twist3 kanekalon hair twist4

kanekalon hair twist5 kanekalon hair twist6
First comb the hair before creating different parts all over the head. Then take one hair part that must be oiled perfectly witou any tangles. Make this hair section smooth and make a small wisp from this hair section. The size of the wisp can be as per your desire and secure the remaining hair separate using the hair band. Take kanekalon hair after misting it using oil sheen and cut it as per your wish. Now keep small amount of kanekalon hair on hair wisp in the natural hair and try to twist it into half. You must coil the hair strand separately to each other and move towards the end of your hair. Next coil the hair strands in the opposite way for twisting two strands each other. At last secure the hair end by using glue before moving to the other hair sections. You can cut the remaining stray hair using a scissors to make it look good. Try to maintain the Senegalese twists smoothly to prevent it from getting out of its shape.

kanekalon hair twist7 kanekalon hair twist8

Steps To Create Flipped Hair Bangs

flipped hair bangs flipped hair bangs2
A flipped hair bangs can give a new look if you know how to wear it in a proper way. This is a very simpleway of styling your hair to look great. The style has become of the hottest trends and it has also become more popular among the actresses. This style can be created on any type of hair and it can suit any type of face shape. There is no need to follow any difficult method to create this style as it can be achieved at home without getting help from anyone.
flipped hair bangs3 flipped hair bangs4

flipped hair bangs5 flipped hair bangs6
First wash the hair with a normal shampoo and condition it as usual. Then towel dry the hair and part it on one side of your head. Comb the hair fully to remove the tangles and spritz the hair with a heat protecting spray to prevent damage to your hair from the heat while drying and styling. Make sure to blow dry the hair straight and then separate the hair into small parts. Run the flat iron over the sections after straightening the hair with a comb. Try to comb the bangs before the styling process which will prevent the hair from getting tangled. Use the flat iron over your bangs and curling slightly at the ends. Move the iron away from the part to make the hair flip away from your face. Finally mist all over the hair lightly with a holding spray to make the curl stay in place without falling.

flipped hair bangs7 flipped hair bangs8

Steps To Create Ghana Cornrows

ghana cornrows ghana cornrows2
Ghana cornrows are the most unique hairstyle that is worn by most of the people and it is very common among African American. There will be sharp hair ends in this hairstyle and it will look almost similar to the normal cornrow hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the braid will look thin at beginning and then slowly become thick as you reach at the end. To achieve this hairstyle, you can follow this simple technique.
ghana cornrows3 ghana cornrows4

ghana cornrows5 ghana cornrows6
First make center part with your hair as straight as possible and start the process with one side of the head. Secure the hair that is not used for the braiding process with a hair band and start the thin hair section. The thin hair part will be separated into three sections that will be sued to create the hairstyle. Braid the hair from your scalp by pulling thin hair and take more hair while creating the cornrow. You must also add more hair in order to maintain the hairstyle straight. While reaching the end of your hair, try to create a standard cornrow. Once you get the thin and thick effect in your hairstyle, do the same method to create the cornrows on the remaining hair parts all over the head. Just leave the hair as it is after creating the hairstyle and avoid using any type of hair accessories as it can spoil your entire look.

ghana cornrows7 ghana cornrows8

Using Short Hair To Create French Braid

short hair french braid short hair french braid2
Most of them think having short hair is difficult to style in different ways, but with little effort you will be able to achieve beautiful looking hairstyle. You can also create a French braid with short hair by following these simple steps. You need to follow the standard braiding process to create the braid even with the short hair. Try to adding hair extensions to your short hair to create a long French braid.
short hair french braid3 short hair french braid4

short hair french braid5 short hair french braid6
First make the hair slightly damp by misting it with water. Then comb the hair fully to make it free from frizz. Make about three sections in the hair from the temple on both the side of your head. Start making braids on your hair using the three sections just like creating a normal braid. Make sure to take the hair section at the middle for adding it further at the back of the head, This will make the braid to surround your head and make them stay in one place. Use hair bad to keep the braid secured in its place and try to stop the braid at the crown of your head. After creating the braid mist the entire hair with a spray to keep the flyaways down in the hairstyle. Avoid using hair accessories if you are applying hair extensions along with the short hair as they can come out of their place very easily.

short hair french braid7 short hair french braid8

Steps To Create And Maintain Spinning Hair Waves

spinnin hair waves spinnin hair waves2
Spinning hair waves is one of the most difficult hairstyles that is worn by only few people all over the world. This hairstyle can give a trendy look and it is normally created by a hair specialist. There are also other ways that can be used to achieve the same style at home. Here are few ways that can help for treating this hairstyle in a proper way.
spinnin hair waves3 spinnin hair waves4

spinnin hair waves5 spinnin hair waves6
Go to hairstylist to cut your hair into one and half inches long and then wash your hair. Apply hair pomade in the hands and spread it throughout your hair in a gentle manner. Take a towel which is dampened with hot water for covering the head for about 3 minutes to make the pomade used on the hair to melt. Next comb your hair towards to back of the head and just below your crown diagonally over the ear on both the sides of your head to create a connecting area at the front as well as at the back of your head. Now use a wave cap to cover the head for about half an hour or you can sleep with the cap on for a night. Use the same method on the other day to create waves in a proper way. To maintain the hair in a perfect shape avoid brushing the hair after wave cap is removed from your head for about two weeks.

spinnin hair waves7 spinnin hair waves8

Methods To Create Wedge Hairstyle

wedge hair wedge hair2
Wedge hair is a very popular hairstyle that was worn by most of the people during 1970s. There are few people including celebrities who style their hair in the same way to achieve a unique look. You must follow a proper method to get this hairstyle in a perfect manner.
wedge hair3 wedge hair4

wedge hair5 wedge hair6
First divide your hair by taking most of your hair over the head. Then leave few inches hair to hang down from the bottom of your head including the bangs. Next style your bangs as per your wish by cutting them or just brushing it using a normal comb. Start cutting a perimeter hair near the neck as per your desire, but try to maintain it just over your shoulders. Now take the remaining hair from top of the head and start cutting it as you wish with the help of the same perimeter. After cutting the hair try to part it straight down from the center of your head. Brush your hair from the middle of your head from behind like 90-degree angle and make sure it looks parallel. Cut the hair from its end by making a diagonal line to keep the hair long on top when compared to the hair at the bottom. This is the best way to achieve the wedge hair in a unique way. Use the same haircutting technique all over your head to create the wedge look and let the hair fall on its own.

wedge hair7 wedge hair8

Steps To Create Weaved Cornrows

weaved-cornrows weaved-cornrows2
Weaved cornrows can give a great hairstyle, but it is imporant to know the process of weaving your hair in a perfect way. It is considered to be on the most efficient as well as safest ways to add extensions to the natural hair. There is no need to use any kind of chemicals, heat or glue to affix the extensions along with your hair as they are just sewn in. In this style, cornrows are braided tightly against your scalp to keep the weave in place.
weaved-cornrows3 weaved-cornrows4

weaved-cornrows5 weaved-cornrows6
Clean the hair using a shampoo and condition it to get rid of oil as well as dirt. Leave the hair to dry naturally for better results or use a blow dryer. Divide the hair around a perimeter of your head and start at the bottom of the hair about two inches. Use a clip to secure the hair which will be left unbraided for weaving. Start creating cornrows in the hair above two inch marks at the front of your head and then go down to the nape of your neck. Continue to create small braids from the roots until the hair where you will have cornrows. Thread curved needle to sew the hair extensions into cornrows and cut hair extensions to your desired length to affix its end one inch above the ends of cornrow braids. Sew the extensions from the back of your head and move towards the front on each part of the hair. Finally create a knot at the end of the rows to secure it in place.

weaved-cornrows7 weaved-cornrows8