Creating High Ponytail With Straight Hair

high ponytail high ponytail2
Creating high ponytail with straight hair can be very easy and it can also give a great look. It is also considered to be a high fashion hairstyle which can be created at home without getting any help from a hair specialist. Most of the models and designers wear this type of hairstyle for fashion shows. This style can look good on every hair type starting from straight to curly and fine to thick hair. Make sure that you hair least shoulder length before beginning the styling process.
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To high ponytail with straight hair, first apply little amount of mousse on a dry hair and work it through the roots. Then blow dry the hair and collect about three inches of hair at the center of the head. Use a comb by closely setting its teeth to tease the section of hair from two to three inches back and move the comb forward. Mist all over the teased section of hair with an extra hold hairspray. Continue to tease the rest of your hair with a fine-tooth comb by spraying each section. At last arrange the rest of the hair to create a high ponytail at the center of your head that highlights the tease and wrap it with an elastic band. Next smooth down the hair on both the sides of your head and just leave the teased section high. If you want include few decorative hair pieces with the hairstyle.

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Creating Blonde Chunks In Your Hair

blonde hair chunks blonde hair chunks2
Adding blonde chunks in your hair can give a unique look and it can also be created very easily. There is no need to follow a any special technique and use a particular product for achieving this look. Anyone can add blonde chunks in their hair to get a defined look and it can be matched with a proper outfit for a great look.
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blonde hair chunks5 blonde hair chunks6
To create blonde chunks in your hair, cover the hair with highlighting cap provided along with the styling kit. There will be holes in the cap that must be used to pull the hair out using the hook provided along with the kit. Try to take out thick hair from the holes to create a unique look. Take the hair color and mix it by following the instructions Use the coloring brush from the kit for coloring your hair that has come out of the hole from the cap. Read the instructions for the time that your hair has to be left with the color. In case you have a very dark hair, let the color to stay to on your hair for a longer time than the actual time mentioned in the instruction. If your hair is light to medium color, just follow the instruction on the kit. Then you can rinse the hair with the cap still on your head and condition the hair without fail.

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Creating Fusion Extensions At Home

fusion extensions fusion extensions2
Fusion extensions are not so popular hair weaving method as it features coating ends of the extensions with glue that will be attached to your hair. It is considered to consume too much of time when compared to other weaving techniques. Here is s method to create fusion extensions at home. Make sure to get some help from a friend while doing this at home as it can be a difficult process for the first time.
fusion extensions3 fusion extensions4

fusion extensions5 fusion extensions6
First keep parchment paper on the ground and cut the keratin glue sticks as small parts. Make sure the cut keratin glue sticks is able to fit in the melting pot. Try to keep the keratin glue stick in the melting pot to make the glue to melt. Then cut the small parts of your weave and wear fusion guards in your fingers so it can prevent the hot glue from falling on your hands. Now take the small section of your hair and dip it inside the glue that has been melted. Then immediately start rolling it in between the fingers to create the sharp point. Place your fusion extension over parchment paper to make it dry completely. Follow the same technique on the remaining fusion extensions to end the process. Always take small amount of extensions while styling it in this way to prevent a messy looking hair at the end of the process.

fusion extensions7 fusion extensions8

Creating Ponytail With Fan Tail

fan tail fan tail2
Fan tail can be used to create a simple looking ponytail and it has been developed by Vidal Sassoon. It is a plastic accessory that is used to create a messy ponytail with few simple steps. Just follow this method to achieve this look within few minutes. Try to purchase the fan tail from Vidal Sassoon and try to use it over the hair gently for the first time. Most of the people who want to create a ponytail with a messy look can follow this styling technique.
fan tail3 fan tail4

fan tail5 fan tail6
To start, first try taking the entire hair at the back of your head to make a ponytail and use elastic band to keep it in place. Now pull the ponytail top using your hand and place fan tail from base of your ponytail adjacent to elastic band. Then twist your fan tail front and back to make the hooks to enter into your ponytail. Next take the ponytail section into the fan tail and gently twist it to make the ponytail secure in place. Try to brush the ponytail using a comb at the back of the head and fluff it slightly so the fan tail gets covered. Take small hair sections from the ponytail and insert it into the fan tail hooks which will make the ponytail look messy. Don’t use other hair accessories after creating the ponytail with the fan tail.

fan tail7 fan tail8

Creating Sock Waves At Home

sock waves sock waves2
Sock waves are a simple way of creating beautiful hairstyle without using any special hairstyling products. This is the best way to achieve waves without applying heat on the hair. You can do the same at home to create the waves by using this simple method. Anyone who wants to create the waves in their hair without spending money can follow this technique. You can just use the socks that are too old to use to achieve this hairstyle.
sock waves3 sock waves4

sock waves5 sock waves6
First take a sock and try to cut it into half which will be used to create the waves. You must use at least 5-6 socks to create large waves in the hair. Now take your sock that has been cut into half for rolling it around your hair ends. Make sure that the hair ends gets wrapped around the small sock. Try to roll the hair along with your sock till you reach near the scalp of the scalp. After reaching the perfect place near the hair roots make a simple knot to keep it secured in place. Leave the hair wrapped in the same way all over the head and leave it overnight. In the morning you can just unroll the sock from your hair to achieve beautiful bouncy waves all over the head. Now style the entire waves in your hair using your fingers and don’t use a hair brush.

sock waves7 sock waves8

Creating Hair Bun With Big Clips

big clip bun big clip bun2
Creating a bun with your hair can give a simple as well as great look depending upon the way you wear it. The hair bun is known to be a classic way of styling the hair and you can achieve it within few minutes. There are different hairstyling tools and accessories that can be used to style the bun, but to make it look attractive try to using a big hair clip. Hair clips are available in different shapes and make sure to select the right one for your hairstyle.
big clip bun3 big clip bun4

big clip bun5 big clip bun6
The big hair clips can make the bun look very beautiful and also large. To use the big clip with hair bun, clean the hair a day before the styling process. Then take the entire hair at the back of the head to make a simple looking ponytail. Keep the ponytail in place using a holder and start twisting the ponytail around itself and use a big hair clip on the both side of the your bun to keep it in place. Use bobby pins to keep the strays in place that normally occur while creating the bun as the length of your hair will vary. You can make the stray hair to fall in fron of your hair only if required to make the hairstyle look natural. At last use a finishing hairspray top mist the entire hair to maintain it perfectly for a day.

big clip bun7 big clip bun8

Creating Layers On Your Wig

wig layers wig layers2
Wearing a wig can help in achieving a different look and if you are planning to make the wig to look more unique try to create layers in them. The layers created on the wig can be short or long depending upon your choice. Some of them even create uneven bangs in the wig to make it look completely different.
wig layers3 wig layers4

wig layers5 wig layers6
First wear the wig on the head after making it damp with water. Take the front part of the wig forward if you want to create the bangs and cut them from tip of the nose in a straight line across the face. Now you can keep the wig over the stand to cut the remaining parts of the hair and make sure it is slightly damp. Take about half inch hair from one ear to another and cut it evenly using normal scissors. Take each side in this hair section straight up to cut it evenly. Use the same procedure to achieve the layers all over the wig. Use hair pins for keeping the hair that was cut separately to prevent any uneven haircut. Once you have completed the haircut all over the wig, use a normal hair brush to comb it from top to bottom. Now you can see that the hair will fall as gradual layers and the hair at the back of the wig will be long. Use a hair dryer on the hair strands over the wig to make it dry.

wig layers7 wig layers8

Creating Layers In Scene Hairstyle

scene hair layer scene hair layer2
Having layers in a scene hair can create a unique look and mainly when your wear it with a long hair locks. You can create the layers in a scene hair with short or long hair. This hairstyle will normally look uneven and you can create layers to make them different. Get support from a friend during the entire styling process to keep it simple.
scene hair layer3 scene hair layer4

scene hair layer5 scene hair layer6
To start the hair cutting process, first make a simple part in the hair and pull one side of the hair part top to make horizontal part. Then divide two inch hair section over the part and secure the hair on top of the head. Next take the remaining hair in between your middle and index finger just away from your head. Start trimming your hair that comes out from the middle of the two fingers using a normal scissor. Now take another section of hair that was secured on top for cutting it in the same way. Continue this hair cutting method till you reach near the crown area over the head. Use the same method of haircut on the other side of the head. You can have long bangs in front of the head which can be swept over one of the parted hair section. Try to wear hair extensions over this haircut to make the hairstyle look good. Then you can color the hair extensions as per your wish to achieve the scene look.

scene hair layer7 scene hair layer8

Creating Dreadlocks With Caucasian Hair

caucasian hair dreadlock caucasian hair dreadlock2
Styling a Caucasian hair into dreadlocks can be a difficult process if you are doing it for the first time. Most of the people try to consult a hairstylist to achieve the dreads in the Caucasian hair, but this style can be done at home with few simple styling methods. First wash your Caucasian hair using a dreadlock shampoo about two weeks before starting the styling process and avoid using a hair conditioner.
caucasian hair dreadlock3 caucasian hair dreadlock4

caucasian hair dreadlock5 caucasian hair dreadlock6
Then divide the hair as two inch sections as per your desire and secure each of the section using rubbers bands. Next take one of the hair sections and backcomb it. Try to rotate your hair during the backcombing process by holding it at the side of the head to create the circular shape which will form the dreadlocks. Secure this dreadlocks using another rubber band about half inch over base of the scalp. Use this technique on the other sections of your hair that was secured with rubbers bands earlier. This process may consume more time while doing it on your own so get help from a friend. After creating the dreadlocks, apply a dread hair wax all over using your fingers. Try using the wax on each dreadlocks one by one till all of them get covered. Maintaining the dreadlocks is very important than creating it and washing them once in two weeks can help to keep it healthy. Once the dreadlocks get matured, it needs very low maintenance.

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Creating Layers With Permed Hair

layer perm hair layer perm hair2
Creating layer in permed hair can make it look amazing and this is the best to get a versatile look. The perm layered hair can be created with any type of hair without going to a hair specialist and it can be worn for a long time. Blow drying the hair is very important in this process to achieve the best results. Avoid using this method for making the hair straight permanently as it can cause serious damage to your hair. Don’t use the blow dryer without the paddle brush while styling the permed hair.
layer perm hair3 layer perm hair4

layer perm hair5 layer perm hair6
To layer the permed hair, wash it using clarifying shampoo before using a deep hair conditioner. Use hair products that are good for straightening the hair and dry the hair using a towel. Mist the hair with heat protectant hairspray and dry the hair roughly using a blow dryer for few minutes. Make three sections in the hair and brush each of them using paddle brush along with the blow dryer which can help in making the hair strands straight. Use this process on the remaining hair section and finally use cold hair from the blow dryer all over the hair which can be helpful in keeping the straight. You can use the flat iron with low heat on the hair sections and at least apply a hair serum on the strands to end the styling. Cut the hair ends n regular basis to stay away from split ends.

layer perm hair7 layer perm hair8