Creating A Normal Bun Using A Pencil

pencil bun pencil bun2
Creating a bun in your hair can give a simple as well as great look for those who have a medium to lengthy hair. There are different tools that can be sued to achieve the standard bun and one of the best methods to create this style is using a pencil. In this hairstyle, you must create spiral by taking the entire hair behind the head and use the pencil to secure the bun in place.
pencil bun3 pencil bun4

pencil bun5 pencil bun6
To achieve the bun look using a pencil, first brush your hair using your fingers and avoid using a comb to do this. Try to twist the entire hair at the back of the head using your hands and keep it at the middle part of your head. Continue to twist the hair like a tight rope and keep top line of the hair in your hand and hold bottom line in the other hand. Try to move bottom part of your hair around its base and wind it like a spiral on the head. Keep your spiral hair in place and use a pencil to keep the bun secured in its place. Try to stick the pencil from one side in the spiral and take it front the other side. In case you feel difficult to make the pencil go through the spiral, use your hand to make it slightly loose. You can mist the bun with a spray to make the hair strands to stay secured.

pencil bun7 pencil bun8

Creating Short Looking Hair Waves

short hair waves short hair waves2
Creating waves with a short hair can be difficult for most of the people, but it is possible to add waves in a short hair by following few steps. You can use the same technique that is used to create waves with long hair even if your hair is short. Here is a cornrow method that is mostly used by many to create waves in their hair.
short hair waves3 short hair waves4

short hair waves5 short hair waves6
To add waves in a short hair, first take a small hair part which will be used to create the cornrows. You must pick up smaller section of hair to create the cornrows and try to apply a little amount of hair product that is useful while creating the braids. Then separate the hair section into three parts and take left strand over center strand, then right hair strand over the center strand. Continue this process till you get to the bottom of your hair. Next pull the hair that will be used for the braiding process and include it with the middle hair strand. Use this method of braiding your hair all over the head to get the cornrow and keep it in place using a small hair band. Make the hair to dry naturally without using a heating tool or you can use the blow dryer with low heat to dry the hair immediately. Once your hair looks dry try to take the cornrows out and the hair will start to look wavy.

short hair waves7 short hair waves8