Crinkly Afro Hairstyle

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Crinkly afro hair can give a very unique look for anyone who wears it. This type of hairstyle can be created on any type of hair within few minutes. You can get this hairstyle with the help of a crimper, but it can cause damage to your hair. Here are few things that can be done to achieve this hairstyle without a crimper. But you must follow the procedure properly to achieve the hairstyle in a perfect shape.
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First divide your hair as sections and create braids all over the hair as per your desire with these sections. Then use hair tie for keeping the braids in place and try to keep it slightly loose. Now you must wash the hair with the braids on and you can also use a shampoo as it can maintain the braids in its original place. After getting out of the shower, make your hair dry by simply blotting with the towel and let the braid to dry on its own completely. Leave the hair braids in your hair overnight to make it dry fully and make sure to cover it with a cloth by just wrapping it around to control the flyaways. You can take the hair tie out of your hair in the morning and gently remove the braids. Then tousle the hair using your fingers to see the crimped hair. Don’t remove the braids out of your hair when it is still dry as it can damage the hair.

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