Creating Curls Using Shampoo And Curling Iron

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Creating a curly hairstyle can give a unique look, but it is not easy to achieve this look as you must follow a particular method. There are few shampoos that can be a perfect choice while making your hair look curly than using other heating tools. But it is not possible to make the curly only with a shampoo. Using the shampoo can only define your curls and only a curling iron with medium heat can give your beautiful looking curls. The curling iron is the only tool that can cause very little damage to the hair during the curling process when compared to other tools.
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There are few curling shampoos that can remove the frizz out of your hair and help in creating the curls. First take a small part of your hair and mist it with a spray and keep the curling iron for heating. Once the curling iron reaches the right temperature, try to spread it over the hair section from top to bottom. Try to roll the hair with the curling iron and keep it slightly loose. Now take the hair section straight top and try to tap it during the process. Let the curling iron to stay on your hair for few seconds and make sure not to leave it on for a long time as it can damage your hair. Do the same on the remaining hair parts.

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Hairstyle With Top Curls

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Top curls are the best hairstyle to get a different look and it is mostly liked by the teenagers. It is easy to achieve this hairstyle whether you have a naturally curly or normal hair. You must handle the hair carefully while lifting the hair on top of your head to get this hairstyle. After creating the hairstyle, try ti mist it with a hairspray which can keep the hairstyle looking shiny for a long time.
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First take the hair on top the head to create an updo. To do this take the hair from front of the head at the back of your head and twist it gently. Try to pull the hair as top as possible over the head and secure it using bobby pins. Then use your fingers to style the curls over the head and use the curling iron over the hair strands to make them curly. Another option is by creating a ponytail at the back of your head and cur it with the curling iron after dividing the hair into one inch part. Make sure that all of your hair has been curled and mist it with a spray. You can also use hot rollers to style the hair in this way only after taking the entire hair on top of the head. Try to add hair accessories that can add more style into your hair.

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Using Flat Iron To Achieve Barrel Curls

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Barrel curls can be created with different types of hairstyling tools, but the same can be done with a flat iron. Most of the people will use the flat iron only to make their hair straight, but it can also be used to achieve beautiful curls. You must use a particular technique to get the curls in your hair using the flat iron. Purchase a ceramic flat iron for using it over the hair as it can cause very less damage.
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Begin the styling after combing the hair fully to make it free from tangles. Then take heat-protective hair serum to apply over the hair and take the flat iron with medium heat setting. Pull out a small section of the hair about one inch from the hair root and move towards the hair ends. Before sliding your flat iron on the hair, try to twist the hand with the iron very gently and move the flat iron at the end of your hair. Once the hair comes out of the flat iron, it must look like the barrel curl. Make sure to slide the iron as soon as possible in the hair which can give a fully natural looking barrel curls. If you are planning to create tight barrel curls, slide the flat iron slowly. Continue the same method on the remaining section of hair all over the head to create the curls.

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Short Bohemian Curls

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Short bohemian curls are the most beautiful way of styling the hair that can be created by sitting at home without using any particular tools. In this hairstyle, the curls created will be tight that is a perfect choice for the afro hair. You can get a completely natural look with this hairstyle. Use the following step to get this style done on your hair without going to a hairstylist.
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You can get this hairstyle done with different methods such as rolling the hair with the help of hair rollers. You can simply roll your hair in these rods to create small curls. Then separate your hair that has been curled to end the styling process. Use oil while separating your hair to prevent tangles. You must apply the oil once the rollers have been taken out of your hair You must do the same all over the head by separating the hair using oil. The time that is taken for rolling the hair will be about half an hour and try to use small rollers only. You must also make the hair to dry on its own after it is taken from the rollers. Separating your hair is important in order to achieve the hairstyle perfectly, so take your own time while doing this. It will also give your hair volumized look and apply a small amount of hair gel to maintain the hairstyle in perfect shape.

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Creating Curls On A Brazilian Blowout Hair

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Brazilian blowout is one of the techniques that is used for making the hair straight. In case you are planning to curl the hair after getting the Brazilian blowout treatment it is important to follow a proper method. This treatment is normally done only by a hairstylist, but some of them also try this at home. It is important to mist your hair with a spray before using the flat iron to prevent damage to the hair.
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First use a hairspray to mist the entire hair to add more hold into the hair. It is better to use a thermal protecting hairspray to create beautiful curls after the Brazilian blowout process. Then take a flat iron for keeping it at the end of your hair and start wrapping the hair in the barrel. Let the hair in the iron for about ten seconds and gently take it out using your hands. Now the curls created in the hair will be slightly tight that can be brushed to look softer. Just use your fingers to brush the curls and stay away from other combing tools. The curls will get defined if you are using a hairspray before starting the styling process. In case you have thick hair, try to leave the flat iron for at least twenty seconds so it can get set perfectly. Even though the styling the hair with Brazilian blowout technique takes long, you can create curls within few minutes.

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Methods To Create Curls With Remy Straight Hair

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A Remy hair is a hair extension that is considered to be the best among most of the people as it can give completely natural look. In most cases the Remy hair will look completely straight and if you want to create curls with this hair extension try to follow these simple steps. There are many people who wear the Remy hair in the same way as it is purchased and only few of them try to create waves or curls in this hair as it can give them a unique look.
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First you must get a 1 inch barrel to curl the straight and long remy hair. Then brush the hair using a rattail hair brush and divide your hair into sections. Try to begin the styling process from top or at the bottom of your hair. Secure each of the hair section using styling hair band. Next take one of the hair section and try to roll it with the barrel. Now there will be small amount of hair left in your hand and hold it with the wand for about ten seconds in the barrel. Ten seconds will be more than enough to achieve the curls and in case the hair looks too much thick leave it in the barrel for another ten seconds. Now your hair section will have curls and use the same method on the other hair sections that was separated before to create the curls in them.

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Tight Spiral Hair Curls

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Tight spiral curls are the best hairstyle if have a naturally curly looking hair. There are ways that can be followed to get this type of hairstyle, but you must give proper maintenance to the hair to make it look beautiful. You can try using small rollers to get this hairstyle without going to a hairstylist. You can leave small rollers overnight to achieve this look or use a blow dryer same day.
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Wash the hair a day before using this styling technique and apply a hair conditioner on the same day. Make sure that the hair has been properly moisturized to make it look sleek and smooth. Then get the small rollers which are the best tool to create tight curls. Use the small rollers to wrap the hair section from the end and gently move toward the scalp of the head. Try to bend the rollers inward at the end to make it secured into your hair. Use the same method for wrapping your hair with the rollers. Cover the hair with satin wrap and make the small rollers to stay in your hair overnight. In the next morning take the small rollers out of the head slowly and mist it with a spray that can add shine into your hair. You can also dry the hair using blow dryer along with diffuser instead of leaving the hair overnight. But using the blow dryer can make the hairstyle look uneven in some places around your head.

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Using Curling Iron To Create Big Hair Curls

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Hair curls can look good if you wear in a large size and this style can be created with various styling tools. Here are few steps that can be helpful to create the large wavy curls by using a curling iron. Make sure to purchase a perfect curling iron that is suitable for your hair type by consulting a hair specialist to achieve the hairstyle without any problem.
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First brush the hair from top to bottom using a normal hair comb to take the snarls out and mist your complete hair with a spray that can protect it from the heat produced by the curling iron. Now take a small hair section that must be around 1/4 inch in thickness and secure it facing upwards. Use the curling iron to slide it over the hair section till the end from top and roll it upward as well as inward. Maintain a little distance from your scalp while using the curling iron and keep the iron only for few seconds in the hair before releasing it gently. Use the same technique on the other parts of hair on the head till you create the wavy curls as per your desire. After completing the curling process, try to style the entire hair with the help of your fingers and don’t use any type of brushing tools. If you want try to mist a little amount of spray over the curls to make them stay in place.

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Straight Remy Hair With Curls

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A Remy straight hair can be styled in different ways and the best way to make it look good is by creating curls. The Remy hair can be a perfect hair for using it along with the natural hair as it has been developed using the human hair. In case you are planning to create curls in the Remy hair that is straight, try to follow these simple steps. Try to create large curls by using big barrel along with the curling iron and small barrel can be used to achieve short curls that are much easier than the long one.
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remy straight curls5 remy straight curls6
First brush the hair as per your wish and mist the entire hair with a spray that can protect it from heat produced from the curling iron which will be used for styling. The hairspray will prevent the hair from getting any kind of damage. Divide a section of hair that will be used in the barrel of your curling iron with the help of fine-tooth hair brush. Now take the curling iron with its clamp opened and roll its tip into the Remy hair in the barrel. Try to roll your curling iron from end to the scalp and keep it in for about ten second. Then you can open the clamp from the hair make it fall on its own. Use the same technique to create the curls all over the hair and finally use your fingers for combing the hair.

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Ben Wallace Strong Curls

Ben Wallace is a known face in the American professional basketball arena. This native of Alabama has won several awards in this field. He impressed one and all not only because of his playing skills but also by his hairstyles.




Ben Wallace attracted attention with his fancy hairdo. His halo hairstyles was in during that era and many popular athletes and celebrities sported such style.  Such hairstyle is difficult to maintain but is ideal for people having a tall, lean built.


Knicks Vs. Pistons


His curls was relatively strong not because of thickness of the style, but because the afros were long that follicles become dry and brittle.