Methods To Make Kanekalon Curly

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Curling a Kanekalon is a simple process that can be done at home than visiting a hair specialist. The Kanekalon is available in different types such as braids, kinky extensions and more along with more than 100 color options. There is no need to use any type of curling iron to achieve this look as you can do this by following these simple techniques. You can apply bigger rods to create loose curls and thin rods to get tight curls in the Kanekalon.
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To make the Kanekalon curly, first take the Kanekalon lock for winding it with the salon rod before dipping it into the hot water. Leave it in the water for about 15 seconds and gently wipe it using a normal towel to make it dry. Once the Kanekalon becomes fully dry take the rod carefully and start to unwind the Kanekalon out of the rod. Now you can see that the Kanekalon has been completely curled. The curl in the Kanekalon will stay in its original shape for many shampoo washes. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools as they can cause damage to the Kanekalon and the Kanekalon is also not recommended for heat styling. The Kanekalon is normally used in the hair extensions as well as hair weaves. You must give same priority to the Kanekalon which is given to the wig to prevent any damage.

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Vanessa Hudgens Curly Hairstyle

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Vanessa Hudgens curly hairstyle is easy to achieve by following a simple process at home. This hairstyle has been liked by most of the people due to the popularity of Vanessa Hudgens. Anyone can create her hairstyle with hairstyling products that are regularly used.
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First go through Vanessa Hudgens photos in which she has a curly hairstyle. You can do this by going through magazines and even as the hair specialist. Then comb the hair using a brush to make it soft and spread a little amount of anti-frizz hair gel all over the strands from top to end. Next make a simple straight part in the middle over the head and secure of small parts of hair with rubber bands. You must curl the hair part by part that can make the hairstyle look more effective. Try to curl the hair using a curling iron and make sure to use it at least for a minute on the hair to achieve the curls in a perfect manner. You must mist the hair part that has been curled immediately after using the curling iron that can help in adding more volume into the hair. After creating curls all over your hair just compare your hairstyle with the picture of Vanessa Hudgens to make sure that it looks almost similar. Try to adjust the curls with your fingers if you find it out of shape.

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Curly Under Bob Hairstyle

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Curly looking under bob can give the perfect look that you are planning to achieve with a short hair. This hairstyle can look stylist if you match it with a proper outfit. Most of the people want to make their short hair look really amazing with few simple styling techniques, but it can be made more outstanding if you curl the bob under. Make sure to use the styling tools such as blow dryer and flat iron in a proper manner without causing damage to your hair.
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Begin the styling with a completely washed hair and use a pre-styling hair product like a gel on the hair to add more texture in it in case it is too thin. You can also apply hair products such as serum if you have a thick hair. Next use a blow dryer to make the hair dry along with the paddle brush and keep the hair slightly wet. Then create different section in the hair during the blow drying process to support the bend in your hair. Now use the flat iron all over the hair strands starting from the neck and try to make the hair ends straight to maintain the volume in it. Try to tuck your hair straightener slightly under while reaching the hair ends to create under-curl look. At last mist the entire hair using anti-humidity spray and brush the entire hair just using your fingers curling the hair ends under.

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Using Thermal Rollers To Create Curly Hairstyle

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Thermal rollers are one of the best hairstyling tools that can be used to achieve beautiful curly hairstyle. There are other hairstyling tools that can be used to create curls in your hair, but you can use the thermal rollers to curl the hair as well as add more volume in it. Anyone can purchase these thermal rollers from a beauty product store with affordable price. You can also use the same rollers to make your hair straight.
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After washing the hair and conditioning it as usual, try to make it dry using a blow dryer. You can either start the styling process with a fully dry hair and even with a slight damp hair which can add more bounce into the hairstyle. Then take the thermal rollers with the right size for using it over your hair. You can create tighter curls with smaller rollers and big curls using for large rollers. To achieve soft curls in your hair, try to use these rollers horizontally over your head and mist it with a spray. Next use the hair dryer with medium heat and then take the rollers out of your hair section by gently taking them out using your hands. Make the hair to fall on its own to give a natural look to your hairstyle. At last use a hairspray to spritz the entire curls to make it look shiny.

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Hairstyle With Curly Kinky Twists

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Curly kinky twists in your hair can give a unique look and it is also known to be very popular among most of the people all over the world. Most of the celebrities try this type of hairstyle to get an attractive look. This hairstyle also needs very less maintenance and it can be achieved at home.
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First cover your neck with a towel and then boil water in a bowl. Then take the kinky twists to create a ponytail and keep them wrapped with ponytail holder. Next take one section of hair and divide it into 5 kinky twists which will be wrapped with the rod starting from end of the twist. Keep the twist secured in the rod and use the same method on the remaining kinky twists. Now you must simply dip the kinky twists in the 5 rods inside the hot water. Once the twists are taken out of water keep it aside for drying. Then you must try to blot it using the towel to make it dry completely and remove the twists from the rod gently. You can use the same styling process on the remaining kinky twists that has been secured in the ponytail. Now all of your twists will look curled in a perfect way. Make sure that twists are dipped only in a hot water to achieve the style in a perfect way.

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