Using Sea Breeze Astringent For Treating Dandruff

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Sea breeze astringent is a hairstyling product that is used for treating dandruff over your head. Dandruff can give hard time for most of the people as it can also cause itchy scalp and hair loss. But using the sea breeze astringent product you can treat this problem without going to a hair specialist.
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Before purchasing the sea breeze astringent product, you must select the best one suitable for your hair. There are two types of breeze astringent hair products available in the market such as sea breeze astringent original formula and sea breeze astringent skin & scalp. Next take the product and use the cotton balls to apply the product all over the hair before going to bed. Also make sure this product is applied before washing the hair. Use only little amount of this product with the cotton ball and spread it over the scalp or the place over your head where the dandruff is more. Don’t use this product over the scalp that has not been affected by dandruff. Avoid using this product without drying the scalp area as it can make your hair follicle to clog together. Try to use the product only three times during the week for better result. You must reduce the usage of sea breeze astringent product as the dandruff starts to decrease of your scalp or consult a doctor if it still exists.

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Dealing With Hair Fall Caused By Dandruff

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Taking care of hair loss that is caused due to dandruff is a very simple process. Even though dandruff is not known to cause severe hair fall, it can make the hair to fall slowly. It is important to treat your hair in a perfect manner, so the hair fall can be stopped. Try to use the following steps for treating the hair fall due to dandruff and in case all these fail to provide proper result consult a doctor for better treatment.
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First wash your hair using anti-dandruff hair shampoo after massaging it into the scalp. You can also mix peppermint essential hair oil in the shampoo before using it over the hair. Always massage your hair using your fingers which can increase the blood circulation in your scalp and improve hair growth. You can also control the hair fall using few essential oils such as cedar wood, rosemary as well as lavender. Apply any one of these oils over the scalp and mainly over the bald spots that was caused due to dandruff. Use hair conditioners all over the hair after taking a bath which can make your scalp to stay healthy leading to hair growth. Try to comb your hair using a wide toothed hair brush to prevent hair breakage. If you are using essential oils for treating hair fall, make sure to stay very patient during this period as the result can be seen only after 2 months.

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