Steps To Dilute Gel Into your hair

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Diluting the hair gel is very important for those who want to create a voluminous look. But if you try to use the thick gel too much over the thin hair, it will start to lose its shape by looking thin only. There are few ways that can help while diluting the gel over the hair to create the perfect effect. Try to purchase a light hair gel for using it over the hair and if you have thick gel, try to follow this method.
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First take the hair gel in a bowl and mix one tbsp distilled water into it. Try to mix both of them perfectly using a spoon. Then add one tbsp water once again into the bowl and try to mix it again till both of them get mixed perfectly. Use your fingers to spread the mixed hair gel over the hair from top to bottom. You can also fill the mixture into the spray bottle for misting the entire hair with it. This method can be applied on any type of hair, but not on the straight hair. If you have a straight hair, try to wash it and make the hair to fall down in front of the head by bending your head. Mist the entire hair with the mixture using the spray bottle and brush it with your fingers. Take the hair dryer with low setting for making your hair dry.

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