Short Hairstyle Like Dorothy Hamill

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Dorothy Hamill short hairstyle was popular in the 1970s and it can be created using a wedge haircut. This hairstyle was worn by Dorothy Hamill in the Olympics held in 1976. The hairstyle look similar to the short bob behind your head and it curve inward as well as back to compliment rounded face. The hairstyle usually looks with all type of hair.
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To create short hairstyle like Dorothy Hamill, begin your styling by collecting most of your hair at the top and try to cut your hair bangs as per your wish that must drop straight down from your head. Cut perimeter of hair that is at the back of the neck which will vary depending on hair of the person. It can normally range from over the shoulders to near your ears. Leave rest of the hair and just cut it as your desired length. Try to part your hair down that was cut and make a strong weight line over top of the head. Next brush your hair out keeping about 90 degree angle using your weight line and parallel to the floor to make a distinctive look. Cut your hair at descending angle from end of your weight line to make a diagonal line using the hair. Do angled cut all the way around the head and try to leave all of your hair long than rest of your hair.

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