Creating A Ponytail With Double Knot Hairstyle

double-hair-knot double-hair-knot2
The double-knot hairstyle is a best way to style the hair for special occasion, but you can also create a ponytail with it. It is the perfect way to style the hair when it is long and to keep it away from your face. This hairstyle will take few more minutes when compared to the standard ponytail and it can also give a slightly fancier look. Here is a simple and easy to create this style at home.
double-hair-knot3 double-hair-knot4

double-hair-knot5 double-hair-knot6
First brush the hair fully and make sure all the snarls are removed. Separate the hair into two sections and create a ponytail on each part. Secure the hair in place with ponytail holders. Create a ponytail which must look like old-fashioned pigtails and try to keep it messy. The ponytail can be placed high or low on your head as per your desire. Those who have short hair, they can keep the ponytail closer. Spread a little amount of styling gel or mousse all over the hair and smooth it back to control unruly hairs. Hold the ponytail in your hand and tie both the ponytails together. Send bobby pins through the knot and then into the base of the ponytail to secure the hair. You can also use more bobby pins if the hair is long or heavy. Make the ends of your ponytails to hang as it is and spread a little amount of styling gel or mousse all over the hair to keep the ponytail in place.

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