Using Dry Spray For Adding Volume In Hair

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There are different easy for adding volume into your hair and one of the simple methods is using a dry spray. You can do this with the help of few simple styling products such as hairspray, hair dryer and your fingers. Most of the people will try using various styling techniques and tools for adding volume into their hair, but it can be done without any difficulty by sitting at home. Here are few things that must be considered while using the dry spray on the hair to make it look volumized.
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First comb the hair and take it to one side of the head and mist the hair roots with the spray. Make sure to lift your hair so the spray can enter into the roots. After misting the entire hair with the hairspray try to dry them with the help of the hair dryer. Try using the hair dryer over the hair strands until the entire hair gets completely dry. Now you can scrunch the entire hair with the help of your fingers to make them look volumized. Keep on scrunching the entire hair strands till they get the volumized look and avoid putting too much of pressure on the hair during this process. Now you can style the hair as per your desire using other products. Be careful while using the hair dryer as it can damage the hair and keep it near the roots only for few seconds.

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