Hottest Trending Hairstyles

So the current hairstyle trend has been catching a large number of eye balls. The longer bob or the new angled bob and the textured bob are couple of them. The chic and the flattering look of these hairstyles is catching a lot of attention. With thick and curly texture blunt cut is also in these days.

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Mila Kunis’s Boho layers look fabulous and suits people having long hair. They make you look effortlessly sexy. Kate Middleton’s long layers and Emma Stone’s heavy bangs equally score well in case of long hairs.

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If you are looking for a clear and short cut, nothing can go better than pixie hairstyle.





Emma Stone Hairstyles

The popularity of Emma Stone scaled to new heights after her impressive roles in Superbad which consequently got her a role in the movies The Amazing Spider Man, Easy A, The Help. Her red carpet hairstyles are quite impressive and a treat to the cameras of the media.




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In her acting career, she has maintained various hairstyles ranging from a redhead to blonde to brunet which  reveals she is not afraid of experimenting with her hairs. She carries  herself in a very elegant and appealing way. From sleek chignons to curly waves, following are some of the best hairstyles of this beautiful actress.

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