Hairstyle With Medium Layered Emo

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A medium layered emo features has 3 different layers inside one inch in first two as well as third layer falling 3 inches after second one. The hair layers will be unattached in a sense which they do not follow a pattern of an inch between the layers. To cut an emo hairstyle with layers use upto four ponytail holders and rat tail comb.
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First decide on how many layers you are planning to have an haircut. This hairstyle usually needs three to four layers depending on the length of the hair. Divide the hair by going from temple to temple and making it forward one section from there. Go from behind your ear just below the crown of your head and back down to behind the other ear. The final section of hair will be left in the back of your head and all sections must be secured with hair ties. First section of the hair must be brushed forward to cover the face completely and to make it more manageable. Hold a section of the hair in front of the face one or two inches from your nose. The second section must be brushed forward and cut at the same point one to two inches past the nose. The third section will be brushed forward to cut the hair about two to three inches past the nose. Use your finger to comb the hair and then create more jagged ends by clipping the sections throughout the hair.

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Avril Lavigne With Straight Emo

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Avril Lavigne is wearing a straight emo hairstyle is knonw to be a different way of styling your hair. This style will be usually layered and then cut in uneven lengths or shaped inward. There are many celebrities who like to wear this style as it can give them look a really attractive. This style is one of the best and most recognizable aspects of an emo style and there are several ways which can be followed to achieve this hairstyle.  Those who have short and worn one side of the face, the emo hair will have few distinct styles which will be worn by emo people.
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A straight emo style will have long as well as asymmetrical bangs which will be swept to a side which can give attention to your eyes. It will look particularly flattering for individuals who have long faces because it can help to get a more oval face shape. This hairstyle will also lend itself to the bright as well as bold highlights that are usually popular in the emo fashion. Most of the people who like to wear this type of hairstyle may also try to add hair accessories like small bows and clips to get more interesting look. It is very easy to get this hairstyle, but to make it look more perfect try to get help from an hairstylist and also create long emo hair with few bangs or strands of hair.

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