Taking Care Of Damaged Extensions

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Damaged extensions normally occur due to excessive hairstyling using various tools. The damaged extensions will look very dry as well as dull that can become uncontrollable sometime. You can follow a particular technique with the help of moisturizing oil for treating the hair extensions that have been damaged. Use this treatment on the hair extension at least once in a week to achieve better result.
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First take the hair extensions and apply shampoo all over. Then rinse it using normal water and condition with a standard hair conditioner. Next you can dry it using a towel by simply blotting it. Now take the moisturizing oil in a bowl and heat it by just placing it in a bowl of hot water for 3 minutes. Make sure that the moisturizing oil doesn’t become too hot as it can damage the hair extension. Start spreading the moisturizing oil over the extensions using your fingers and gently massage it to make sure that it has been applied perfectly all over. Brush the hair extension using a comb and cover it using the shower cap for 5 minutes. Then take the shower cap out of the hair extensions and rinse it using warm water. Let the hair extensions dry on their own. You can also mix sweet almond along with 2-3 tbsp olive oil and hot oil for treating the hair extensions in the same way.

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Styling Hair With Satin Strands Extensions

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Satin strands extensions are known to be one of the best hair extensions that can be used to achieve thicker hair. It is one of such hair extensions that can be worn in different ways without getting it damaged. Here are two techniques that are widely used by most of the people for styling these extensions.
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First method is creating cornrow with the extensions closer to the scalp. Try to flip the head down after creating the cornrow to make a simple part and take the top hair section away from the remaining hair. Use the needle to sew in the extensions in the cornrow to start the sewing as per your desire. Once you complete the sewing method the natural hair will cover your cornrow. Make sure to take the clip out of the hair section and comb it straight out of the head using your fingers. Another option is bonding the extensions with the help of a weft. You must flip the head down to create a part and take the top section separately. Use glue to secure the extensions in place. You must keep the extensions over the hair root and press it firmly, so it can stay in its place for a long time. In this method also your natural hair will come over the hair extensions covering them perfectly. Always use your fingers to brush the hair satin strands extensions, so they can maintain their original structure.

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Blend Two Color Extensions

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If you are using hair extensions with different colors, then blending them in a perfect way is very important to make it look good. Using unmatching extensions can make them look fake and to achieve a natural look try to use two matching hair extensions. There are also different methods that can be used while blending two color hair extensions. Some of them can give a hard time, so try to get some practice before using them over the head. Don’t try to blend the hair extension that does not look good with each other as it can spoil your entire look.
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First select hair extensions that looks similar to you natural hair color. Always use two tone reversible extensions which will be available in light as well as dark colors. You can also clip the hair extensions with the highlighted effect such as keeping the dark hair near your neck and use the light color over the dark extension. You can also clip the dark colored extensions at the bottom of your hair and attach light colored hair extensions over the top of your head. By doing this you will be able to achieve a natural looking hairstyle. While using reversible extensions try to add the highlighted one over the nape of your neck and then secure the lighter side just over the top of your highlighted hair. Continue this process till you secure the entire extension along with each other.

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Best Haircuts To Add Hair Extensions

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Haircuts are of various types that can be done according to your wish. In case you are planning to add hair extensions, then you must select a proper haircut so it can easily match along with the natural hair. The hair extensions will usually make the hair look thick, so there is no need to worry while cutting the hair. It is important to cut the hair in a proper way to make the extensions look more natural.
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The first option is to create layer in the hair and then try to blend the hair extensions to achieve a perfect look. Try using thinning shears to blend the natural hair with the extensions. The layers in your hair can be medium to long in size so they can easily match the hair extensions. Avoid cutting the hair too short as it can spoil your entire look while creating the layered look. In case you are unable to blend the hair properly after getting a proper haircut, try to create waves in the hair or curls can also be the best option. They can easily hide your hair short hair pieces to give a great look. The best haircut to blend the extensions mainly depends on the type of hair you have. Go to a hair specialist to known which haircut can be suitable to blend along with the hair extensions for your hair type. Make sure to use the right tool while styling the hair in this way.

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Braiding Short Hair With Extensions

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Having a short hair can be very difficult to style it in different ways. In case you want to create a braided hairstyle with the short hair, it is not possible for anyone. But you can create the braided hairstyle with the short hair by attaching extensions along with your hair.
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First wash your and condition it before washing as well as conditioning the hair extensions in the same way. Then make four parts in your hair and secure three of them separately. Next take the loose hair section to make it a square piece which will be used for the braiding process. Now take the small hair extension for wrapping it with your braid section and leave 3 inch to hang over your left side. The natural hair will be left in the middle and hair extension can be seen at the side. Try to braid them by taking left piece over the right and right over your left piece. Continue this method till the end and use make a slipknot at the end of the braid. To create the slipknot, take two hair strands away from your main section from your braid and over the two fingers. Then send it over your braid and from the hole that was created in between your braid as well as the fingers. Try following the same technique on the remaining hair sections that was secured individually in the beginning of the styling process.

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