Creating Ponytail With Fan Tail

fan tail fan tail2
Fan tail can be used to create a simple looking ponytail and it has been developed by Vidal Sassoon. It is a plastic accessory that is used to create a messy ponytail with few simple steps. Just follow this method to achieve this look within few minutes. Try to purchase the fan tail from Vidal Sassoon and try to use it over the hair gently for the first time. Most of the people who want to create a ponytail with a messy look can follow this styling technique.
fan tail3 fan tail4

fan tail5 fan tail6
To start, first try taking the entire hair at the back of your head to make a ponytail and use elastic band to keep it in place. Now pull the ponytail top using your hand and place fan tail from base of your ponytail adjacent to elastic band. Then twist your fan tail front and back to make the hooks to enter into your ponytail. Next take the ponytail section into the fan tail and gently twist it to make the ponytail secure in place. Try to brush the ponytail using a comb at the back of the head and fluff it slightly so the fan tail gets covered. Take small hair sections from the ponytail and insert it into the fan tail hooks which will make the ponytail look messy. Don’t use other hair accessories after creating the ponytail with the fan tail.

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