Create A Flip Out With Straight Hair

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Creating a flip out with a straight hair will make your hairstyle very unique that can be worn for different occasions. Those who have a naturally straight hair will be able to achieve the flip out within few minutes, but others must follow a particular method to achieve the look. Just use the following method to create the flip out with a straight hair.
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As usual clean your hair with a shampoo and remove the excess water using a normal towel. Then apply hair mousse all over the strands from top to end with the help of your fingers. Then brush the hair to spread the mousse all over the hair evenly. Next use a hair dryer with medium heat and make sure to use a round brush along with the dryer. Using a round brush is very important during the hair drying process as it can make the hair ends to curl outward. Also make the blow dryer to face around the round brush to dry the curls in your hair. Use the same technique of drying your hair all over the head and try to flip the bottom of your hair outward. You can change the look of your hair with the help of the flat iron if needed. Try to create a curve at the end of your flat iron to achieve a sleek look. End the styling process after misting it with a little amount of finishing spray.

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