Alicia Keys With Frohawk Look

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Alicia Keys is wearing the frohawk hairstyle that looks almost similar to the afro look. The afro hairstyle is mostly created with Afro-American hair type and the same thing applies to this hairstyle also. The hair that is at both sides on your head will be cut completely short in this hairstyle and the center of the head will have thick. This is one of the best hairstyle for those who want to look completely different at any place.
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To create the frohawk look like Alicia Keys, first you must clean the hair by washing it normally and apply a hair conditioner. Leave the hair as per the time mentioned on the hair conditioner kit and rinse the entire hair as usual. Now spread a small amount of moisturizing hair gel all over the hair using your hands only and create three parts with your hair. There must be lines over the head from front part towards the back and it must move along your entire hair length. Try to make small twists with your hair in the middle part and use hair gel while creating the twist perfectly. Mist the hair using normal water and make small cornrows at the side of your head. The cornrows must run from the front side of your head ad move behind the head. Try to create a braid with the long cornrow and secure it with bobby pins.

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