Using Gel To Style Short Shag

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Short shag hairstyle can be achieved by using a hair gel without following any particular technique. But if you are tying this styling process for the first time, you just need to follow this method. There are two wys of styling the entire hair with the help of hair gel and you just need to use your hands for the styling process.
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First you need to cut the hair in a perfect manner to create the shag look and then you can style it as per your desire. First take the gel to spread it all over your hair and mainly concentarte over the endgs of your hair as well as the sides. Now you will have a sleek look and try to give it a hug so you can see your bone structure. This is one way of styling your hair that can be completed with the help of your fingers within few minutes. Another optionĀ  is adding texture in your hair that can be done using the hair gel. You can use your fingers to apply the gel over your hair as per your desire and this can be a perfect way of styling your hair for summer. Make sure to use the hair gel that is suitable for your hair and dont experiment with different hair gel as they can spoil your look. as well as dame the hair.

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Styling Curly Hair With Gel And Water

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Gel and water can be one of the best home hairstyling products that can be used to create curly hair. There is a technique that can be helpful while using the gel and water on your hair. Just follow this method for using these products in a perfect manner. It is one of the best methods to style the hair without causing any kind of buildup. This is the most commonly used method for styling the curly hair.
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Diluting the hair gel along with water must be done with a perfect technique or the hairstyle you are planning to create may become wrong. To use gel and water over a fine curly hair, you must take small amount of water in a bowl and mix gel into it. This will help to create beautiful curls without causing any type of buildup in your hair. Just use your fingers to spread the product all over the hair. It is very easy to change consistency of your gel with the help of water. Most of the people will like to use the hair gel as a product for styling their hair and using too much of gel on the hair can make it look thick. When the hair becomes more thick it is very difficult to style it, so mixing water into the gel can make it very easy to style the curly hair.

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Steps To Dilute Gel Into your hair

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Diluting the hair gel is very important for those who want to create a voluminous look. But if you try to use the thick gel too much over the thin hair, it will start to lose its shape by looking thin only. There are few ways that can help while diluting the gel over the hair to create the perfect effect. Try to purchase a light hair gel for using it over the hair and if you have thick gel, try to follow this method.
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First take the hair gel in a bowl and mix one tbsp distilled water into it. Try to mix both of them perfectly using a spoon. Then add one tbsp water once again into the bowl and try to mix it again till both of them get mixed perfectly. Use your fingers to spread the mixed hair gel over the hair from top to bottom. You can also fill the mixture into the spray bottle for misting the entire hair with it. This method can be applied on any type of hair, but not on the straight hair. If you have a straight hair, try to wash it and make the hair to fall down in front of the head by bending your head. Mist the entire hair with the mixture using the spray bottle and brush it with your fingers. Take the hair dryer with low setting for making your hair dry.

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Styling Hair With Flat Iron And Gel

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Using a flat iron on your hair along with hair gel can give a completely beautiful and straight hairstyle. This method is known to be very simple to make the hair straight for those have curly or wavy hair. It can maintain the hair straight till it gets washed next time.
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To begin your styling first take a small amount of the gel in your hands and spread it completely between both the hands. Then take a one inch hair section and spread this hair gel through the section using your hands. Next use the blow dryer for making the hair dry and use your hands during this process for combing the hair. Let the hair gel get dry fully by leaving it for about one minute and take the flat iron for using it on the hair section. You can just place the flat iron on the hair section from top of the head and gently move towards the end to make the hair straight. Use the same method on the remaining hair section for making them straight just like the first section. You can use thermal protection gel on the hair to prevent the hair from getting damaged from the heat produced by the iron. Flat iron is not to cause serious damage to the hair if you are using it on regular basis, so try to keep them away whenever possible while styling your hair.

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Styling Front Hair Using A Gel

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Styling the hair with a gel can make it look amazing and especially if you have a short hair. Applying the hair gel in front of your head can be a very simple process that can be done by both men and women. This hairstyle is mostly worn by men as it can give a spiky look and if you are a woman use the bangs in front of the head to achieve the look. Use a hair gel that is suitable for your hair and avoid using other hair products during this styling process.
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Before styling the front hair in this way, first you must make sure that the hair has been fully cleaned using a shampoo and dry it using a towel. Try to maintain the dampness in your hair during the styling process and add a little amount of gel in your hand for working it over the bangs in front of the head. You can simply use your fingers for styling the hair in this way and try to shape it as per your desire. Apply the hair gel all over the bangs till stand straight up, Next mist the hair with a spray which can give additional hold for the bangs standing straight. Use the same hair gel all over the head and style the remaining hair as you wish. You must use the hair gel whenever the hair becomes too lose its shape during the day.

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