Coloring Gray Hair With Matrix Color

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Matrix hair color is a demi-permanent dye that is known to stay on your hair for two months only. The color on your hair will look will look in perfect form on each strands after applying this color which will give a completely natural look. You must follow important steps while applying this color on gray hair.
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First take the matrix hair color out of the box and mix it in a bowl with the help of tint brush. Wear the hand gloves that are provided along with the product before starting your process. Then apply the color on your hair using tint brush from top to end starting from the root and move gently to the end of your hair. Let the color stay on your hair for about half an hour or the time mentioned on the coloring product. Wear a shower cap during this time to make the color to dry on your hair. Then you can simply rinse the entire hair using warm water and spread a small amount of conditioner all over the hair. You must only apply the conditioner on your hair that is provided along with the coloring product. Next rinse your hair conditioner using normal water and let it dry naturally. Don’t use any type of hair dryer during the drying process as it can make the hair to look dry without any shine.

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Applying Gold Blonde Color On Gray Hair

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Achieving gold blonde hair can make it look completely beautiful and unique. The gold blonde can also give a youthful look if you are changing the gray looking hair. There are few things that can be done to get this hair color at home than visiting a saloon.
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First purchase a hair color in golden blond from beauty product supply stores and use the swatches to choose the best color for your hair. Wear gloves in your hand and start mixing the hair color in a bowl along with thirty volume developer by following the instructions on the box. Create sections in your hair by making a simple center part over the head and secure each of them with a clip. Now take the first hair section for applying the color over it from top to end. Stay away from your scalp while applying the hair color and make sure the hair section gets saturated fully with the color. Use this technique on the remaining hair sections secure each of them separately using the clip. The color on your hair must be left without rinsing for the time mentioned on the box as the gray hair will consume more time to hold the color. Then rinse the color from your hair using warm water and apply a shampoo for washing it. You must also use a hair conditioner on regular basis to maintain the color for longer time.

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Changing Gray Hair Into Blonde Using Turmeric

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Coloring hair is an easy process that is undergone by most of the people to change their look. Instead of using chemical hair colors for changing the color of your hair there are natural products just like turmeric that can also give the same hair color especially if your hair looks gray. Using turmeric on a gray hair can make it look blonde. To achieve the blonde color with gray hair using turmeric just follow these simple methods.
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First take boiling water in a bowl and add turmeric root into the bowl. Make the water to steep which will make the turmeric root to soak in the bowl of water. Then take only the liquid out of the bowl and prepare yourself for the styling process. Wear hand gloves and place a cloth around the shoulders to prevent the liquid from falling over your skin. Next bend your head down in the sink for applying the liquid over your hair from top to bottom with the help of your hands. First use this liquid on one strand of your hair to check its absorption rate. Use the same method using your hands over the other hair strands till it becomes fully saturated. Now you can brush the hair with the liquid and make it dry for fifteen minutes. Then you can get your hair washed as usual using a shampoo before applying the hair conditioner. Go through your entire hair and it will look fully blonde.

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Covering Gray Hair Near Temples

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Gray hair near your temples can spoil the entire hairstyle and you can use few styling tips to solve this problem. Covering gray hair can be challenging for some of them, but it needs to be done to get a good look. Before using the hair color over the strands of your hair, try to apply it in a small hair section to see if you are allergic to hair colors. Let the hair color stay over the strands for at least a day before using it all over the hair. Consult a hairstylist if you don’t know which color to apply on the hair.
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First brush your entire hair at the back to create a normal ponytail or secure the entire hair behind your head. Spread a little amount of castor oil near the hairline which will prevent the color falling over the shoulders. Then wear hand gloves and start mixing the hair color by following the directions properly. Apply hair color over the sections of your hair near the temple and use the fingers to cover the hair strands perfectly. Try to brush your hair gently to make the color to spread all over the hair strand. After covering the entire hair strands, leave it to dry as per the time mentioned by the hair color manufacturer. Once the hair gets dry, use warm water to wash the hair and spread a hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair.

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