Making Inverted Bob Grow Out

inverted bob inverted bob2
Inverted bob is a very beautiful hairstyle where the hair will grow inwards and some of the also wear it growing outwards to make it look unique. There are steps that can help to achieve the inverted bob outward without going to a hairstylist. The technique of growing the bob outward is very simple you must cut the bangs in a proper way and make them grow longer. Use hair pins to keep the bangs in place till they are able to reach the particular length.
inverted bob3 inverted bob4

inverted bob5 inverted bob6
The bangs are normal left long in this hairstyle and it can be moved at the side of your head or even stay over the forehead. Secure the hair with pins to make the hair grow outward to prevent a bad looking bob hairstyle. You can create angles in your hairstyle near the face to make the short hair to grow out on its own. This method can be the perfect choice if you don’t to go to a hairstylist to cut the bangs. After the short bob starts to grow long, you can try to make it even in front of your head. Get help from a friend for cutting the hair with proper length. In case the haircut looks bad, try to collect the hair in the pin at the crown of your head or even at the side of the head till they grow long.

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