Steps To Grow Your Relaxed Hair

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Growing a relaxed hair that looks very fine requires few simple methods. You must give special attention to this type of hair as it will be chemically styled. Those who have a fine hair they will see their hair grow long during your maintenance. If your hair looks shiny, this is the best indication that it is healthy and never over process your hair.
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Always apply the hair relaxers that are specially developed for fine hair. Don’t leave the relaxer on your hair for more than the time mentioned on the kit. Wash the hair with normal shampoo that is provided along with the relaxer as other shampoo will cause damage to the hair. Don’t use touch up tools too much on your hair within a month to prevent hair damage. Try to cut the hair ends during your touch-up process. Always comb your hair using a wide tooth hair brush and leave the hair to dry on its own. This will help your hair to become strong and prevent breakage. Get your hair treated with hot oil at least once in 2 weeks. This treatment will help to make the hair look strong and use olive oil for better treatment to your hair. At last you can get help from a hair specialist if you are using the chemical hair relaxers. Consult the hairstylist before going for the hair relaxing treatment on the fine hair.

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Making Straight Hair To Grow Lengthy

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Making the straight hair to grow lengthy is not so easy, as it can cause breakage. You must follow a proper method to achieve a long looking straight hair. It is important to maintain the hair in a proper when you are planning to make the hair to grow long. The straight hair will be fragile as it has undergone chemical process which can lead to easy breakage. So making them grow long will be difficult for most of the people.
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Always wash your hair using only the moisturizing shampoo. You must apply this shampoo over your head and try to massage it gently in your scalp along with the hair. Use cold water for rinsing your hair to grow the hair moisturized. Try to condition your hair once it has been washed with a shampoo. Moisturizing conditioner can be a perfect choice for a newly grown hair. Leave the conditioner over your hair for just five minutes before rinsing it with normal water. You must always comb the hair using wide-tooth hair brush to take the tangles out and try to brush it from the end before moving towards the root of your hair. Get a haircut at least once in a month by going to a hairstylist as it can make the hair grow as fast as possible. Try creating a braid with your hair when it is still wet and after the hair becomes fully dry, brush it completely.

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Making Short Hair To Grow Long Fast

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Growing out your short hair is not simple process and you must have lot of patience to achieve it. In most case the hair is known to grow only half inches long in a month, but you can only make the hair grow strong. There are no ways that you can speed up the hair growing process. Here are few things that can be done to make the hair growing process much easier.
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It is important to maintain the hair in a proper way so it stays healthy, so try using good conditioners that are suitable for your hair type. Stay away from styling tools such as irons, blow dryer and others that causes damage to your hair. Another option is going to hair specialist once in two months to cur the split ends to prevent hair breakage. There are hairstyling products such as headbands and other accessories that can be worn to prevent the short hair look. You can also wear a hat to cover the short looking hair. Try styling the short hair in such a way that is able to look beautiful. Look photos of celebrities with short hairstyles to change your hair in the same way. Try to follow a proper diet that must include vegetables, fruits and vitamins that can support hair growth. Consult a doctor to know which is the right diet to follow for your health and it can also maintain your growing hair perfectly.

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Steps To Grow Relaxed Hair

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Making the hair relaxed can be a difficult process and in case you are trying to grow your hair naturally relaxed it can give a hard time. Most of the people usually prefer to relax their hair using chemicals, but you can also achieve it naturally. Here is a method to grow relaxed hair without using any hairstyling products go to a hairstyling for better hair growth.
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Try using the hair relaxer made especially for the fine textured hair such as mild relaxers as they feature low levels of straightening chemical. Don’t use touch up products more than one time in six months as it can damage the hair permanently. Also don leave the relaxer on your hair for a long time as it can easily effect your hair growth. Always comb the hair using wide tooth brush after dividing it into different parts. Make the hair to dry naturally or you can also use loose curlers to prevent any kind of damages. Give the hair sometime to repair naturally without using any products before styling it with heating tools. Get hot oil treatment one in 2 weeks which can make your hair shaft stronger and use the same treatment on the hair a day before going for chemical treatment. You can select olive oil for getting the hot oil treatment as it is known to be the best natural product or there are also other products that are available in a local store.

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