Using Walnut Shells To Prepare Hair Color

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Walnut shells are the perfect product that can be used to prepare your own hair color at home. It is also cheap and available very easily. By preparing hair color with walnut shells you will be able to apply it over any type of hair. It is natural product that has no side effects and can be used by everyone. Just follow these steps to prepare your hair color at home using the walnut shells.
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First take distilled water about 8 cups in a bowl and boil it. Once the distilled water becomes cool, try to mix 2 oz walnut shells, 1 oz of dried sage, 1 oz of dried nettle and 1 oz of dried rosemary into the bowl. Then take 2 tea bags for mixing it in the same bowl and heat it again. Then steep the mixture for about 3-4 hours and take only the liquid out of it in a bottle. Now you must mix 2 tbsp of jojoba oil into the liquid in the bottle and keep it in a refrigerator for further use. To apply this color over your hair, first wear hand gloves after cleaning your hair with shampoo. Try to shake product in the bottle before applying it over your hair. You can also maintain your hair in a perfect condition by washing it on regular basis. Try to mix 1/4 cup walnut hair color and 1/4 cup of baby shampoo together for washing your hair.

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Waterfall Hair Color

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Waterfall hair color is a simple hairstyle that can be created with the standard hairstyling products. This method can give your beautiful looking hairstyle along with unique color. Here is a simple technique that can help in achieving this hairstyle at home.
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Start by dividing the hair as three sections with a normal comb and make 2 diagonal parts which must start from crown towards outside. Use a thick color from your styling kit and apply it over the hair on both the parts of your head. Let the color stay on the hair for fifteen minutes and apply the color over the hair roots for better result. Now leave your hair with the color on for another fifteen minutes and rinse the hair parts that have been colored. Secure the uncolored hair separately behind the head and use hair color over your hair back section at the back by taking 1 ¼ inch piece. You must use horizontal strokes to spread your hair colors and repeat it again. Now leave your hair once again for around 45 minutes before getting the hair washed fully using a normal shampoo and this will help in removing the loose color out of the hair. Apply a small amount of moisturizing conditioner after the rinsing process to maintain the moisture in your hair, so it can stay away from damage caused by the hair color.

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Rocking Hair Color

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Getting a punk colored hair can give a different kind of look and it cane done on temporary basis or permanently. Most of the people want to get this type hairstyle by going to a saloon, but the same thing can be done at home with few simple styling products. You can also bleach the entire hair before using the punk hair color to make it look more dramatic. Before starting the styling, try to get the Kool-Aid product that will be used over the hair after mixing it along with water.
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First wear hand gloves and take Kool-Aid packet to mix it with water in a cup. Take a big plastic wrap which will be used after applying the color over your hair. Next spread the mixture all over the hair and then use the plastic wrap to cover the entire head from back by moving around similar to a turban. You can also use a towel to cover it over the plastic wrap and leave it for about ten minutes to achieve a little color or you can also leave it for half an hour to make it look dark. Next take the towel from the head and remove the plastic wrap gently using your hand. Try to rinse your hair using warm water till the water comes out fully clean out of the hair. Use the same technique on the hair once again till you get the desired color.

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Methods To Maintain Semipermanent Hair Color

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Semipermanent hair colors are the best solution to change the color of your hair on temporary basis. It has been specially developed without any harsh chemicals that can prevent hair damage. The semipermanent color can stay in your hair for at least 8-10 washes with shampoo. There are ways to make the semipermanent color to stay on your hair for a long time. Just follow these steps at home to make the color stay longer on your hair.
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The first option while leaving the hair with semipermanent color is to know that it doesn’t feature peroxide and ammonia. Try to rinse the hair using cold water and apply white vinegar all over the hair as it can maintain the color for a long time. Vinegar is known to increase pH levels in the hair that can keep the color stay for a longer period. Don’t wash the hair very often to keep the color stay on the hair for a longer time. Wash your hair only when it looks dirty and wear shower cap while you take bath between the shampoo wash. Get the deep conditioning treatment done on your hair after it has been washed with a shampoo. You can also mix one tbsp hair color along with the shampoo as well as conditioner for using it over the hair. Don’t use other hairstyling products that can make the hair color stay longer.

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Change Brown Hair Color Into Strawberry Blonde

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Changing the hair color from dark brown to strawberry blonde can be a very difficult process. You must use multiple hair coloring processes to achieve the desired hair color. This can also cause serious damage to your hair, but you can follow few important steps to prevent hair damage and also get the desired hair color. Avoid using hair color that contains bleach as it can spoil the hair completely.
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Begin the styling with a properly conditioned hair which can help in preventing hair damage during the multiple processes. It is better to get deep-conditioning hair treatment because it features protein that can reduce the damage. Then get three types of hair color such as strawberry blonde, light brown and dark blond color. First use the light brown color on the hair after reading the instructions on the box properly. Then get the deep conditioning done on the hair in the next day. Stay away from using heating tools for styling the hair four days. On the fifth day, try to apply dark blond color and use the deep conditioning process on the next day just like earlier. Now leave your hair as it is for another five days and use the strawberry blond color all over your hair. Your hair will start to change its color and reach to your desired color. At last use the deep conditioner again for another one week which can help the hair to stay healthy.

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Remove Permanent Hair Color Using Detergent

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Applying permanent hair color on the hair can make your hair look unique till the new hair starts to grow. In case you want to take the permanent color from the hair, there are few things that must be followed. You can just use a normal detergent to remove the color from hair. Consult a hairstylist before selecting the right detergent for using it over the hair. It is better to use the detergent without bleach as it can cause damage to your hair. You can use liquid detergent to make this styling process much easier when compared to power.
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To start the styling, first make the hair wet using warm water and take small amount of detergent in your palm. Start applying the detergent all over the hair till the lather appears. Then rinse the hair till the detergent comes out of your hair fully. Remove the excess water out of your hair using a normal towel. Now you can go through you entire hair and if you find the color use this method all over once again till you get the desired effect on your hair. If the hair color still exists, try to consult a hair specialist and don’t use the detergent more than twice on your hair. In case the hair color gets removed after the wash, try to apply a leave-in hair conditioner all over your hair which can maintain your hair healthy after the detergent process.

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Steps To Prepare Weak Hair Color

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Hair coloring is a very unique process that is followed by most of the people. Most of the time a weak hair color can make the coloring process to work very slowly which is one of the best way to known how much color can be applied over your hair to achieve the best result. There are few people who have been facing problems while coloring the hair at home as the color applied over the hair can become darker sometimes. So it is better to make the coloring product weak by following this method which can be helpful in maintaining the hair color as light as possible.
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First take same amount of hair color and developer in a small bowl. Try to add at least one tbsp water and try to mix them in a perfect way. You can use a coloring brush for stirring the mixture in the bowl for at least 4-5 minutes and make sure that it has been properly mixed before proceeding further. Leave the mixture open for ten more minutes and don’t use any kind of lid to cover it during this time. The hair color will start to become weak due to the natural air that will oxidize it perfectly. Now you can use this mixture on the hair as usual without getting help from anyone. Try to use water in the mixture depending upon the color you want to achieve after applying it over the hair.

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Treating A Fading Hair Color

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If you are coloring the hair by going to a saloon or you are doing it at home, the hair color will start to become dull as the day passes. There are few ways which can maintain the look of your hair color as new as possible without giving it a faded look.
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You must try to apply the hair color a day after washing your hair with a shampoo to maintain the color in its original form. After coloring the hair make it stay on your hair for at least 2 days before getting your hair washed. Washing your hair with a shampoo can make the colored hair look dull and you must also increase the number of days between your hair wash with the shampoo. Purchase a shampoo along with the hair conditioner that is specially made to be used on the colored hair. Stay away from clarifying shampoo as they can take the color out of your hair very easily. You can get color depositing hair shampoos to improve the color that is applied over the hair. Always rinse your entire hair with cold water which can maintain the color on your hair as it is without getting faded. Cover the colored hair with a scarf while stepping out of the house in the sun. There is also special hair products that are available in the market which can be used over the colored hair to keep it protected.

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