Steps To Wear Short Emo Hair Extensions

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Short emo hair extensions can make your hairstyle look beautiful and also unique. While wearing these extensions on your hair for the first time, get some help from the hairstylist. Get some practice before applying these extensions on your head at home. Purchase the emo extensions from a beauty product supply store near your home.
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To apply the short emo hair extensions along with your hair, you need to select the color of your extensions that will be used on the head. You can apply these extensions over your head by simply sewing it into the hair. Try to take 2 inch emo hair extensions and use the needle to sew it like you sew other hair extensions. You can also color the emo extensions using a standard coloring product. Get some practice of sewing the extensions with your hair before using it over your hair to prevent any kind of damage. Sometimes the hair extensions can get damaged very easily, so try to get the best one for your hair. If you are covering the entire hair with the extensions, you can apply it over the head as per your desire. While using the extensions partly along with your hair, it is important to make them match perfectly. Mix the color by following the instructions on the kit before applying it over your emo extensions to make it look completely unique.

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Tips To Soften Hair Extensions

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The hair extensions will be treated using chemicals that will make them look strong. The extensions can look dry in most case and not so soft as you would really want it to be. There are few things that can be helpful in making the hair extensions look much softer. You can use any of these following treatments once in a week for making your extensions look softer.
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First take the extensions and place it in a bowl of warm water. Leave it for at least half an hour to make it soft which can be much easier for adding it along with the natural hair. You can also use hot oil on the hair extensions with the help if avocado and olive oil. To do this, heat the oil and massage it over the hair strands very gently and rinse the hair out after half an hour. Another option is giving your hair extensions deep conditioning treatment by using yogurt as well as avocado. Mix both of them in a bowl and apply it over your extension for around fifteen minutes and rinse the hair as usual using the shampoo. The last option for making your hair extensions soft is by using the mixture of olive oil and honey over the hair. After massaging the mixture over your hair rinse it using normal warm water. All these treatment can be applied over the hair extensions before or after using it on your head.

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Tips For Washing Sewn-In Hair Extensions

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Sewn-In Extension can make your hair look long, but they are left unwashed for a long time. In case you want to wash these extensions, try to follow a proper method to prevent any damage. Washing the extensions by going to a hairstylist can be time consuming as well as costly, so most of the people prefer to wash their sewn-in extensions at home.
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You can start your hair washing process by separating the original hair around a perimeter before combing out the extensions. Then rinse the hair using only warm water and take little amount of shampoo to apply it over the actual hair first. Then use the shampoo on the hair extension till you are able to create the lather. Apply the shampoo all over the hair starting from top and moving till the end. Make sure that the hair is keep straight while you are creating lather with the shampoo and don’t pull the hair extension too much. Now you can rinse the hair to take the lather out and mainly concentrate on the perimeter in your extension during the rinsing process. Next apply a conditioner after the entire hair gets rinsed fully and brush the hair gently once it becomes completely dry. You can also use the hairdryer for drying the sewn-in extensions and avoid using too much heat on it. Some of the extensions may become loose during the washing process, try to sew it once again.

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