Methods To Use Foam Sponge Hair Rollers

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Foam sponge hair rollers are the suitable styling tools that can be used on straight as well as other types of hair. It is less expensive when compared to other hair rollers and you can also easily find them. Try to use these rollers in a proper way so your hair looks beautiful. The foam sponge hair rollers can be used on the hair only for few times and it start will start to break very soon.
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To style the hair with foam sponge hair rollers, clean the hair and make it dry fully. Then create four different parts in your hair and secure them with clips. Now take the rollers for keeping it on the hair and roll it towards the end of the hair from under. Do the same on the remaining hair sections and leave the rollers on your hair for a long time. You can also go to bed in the night with the rollers on your hair to achieve best results. Before going to sleep try to cover the hair with satin bonnet which will helpful in maintaining the rollers in its place properly. In the morning when your are taking the rollers out of the hair avoid putting too much pressure and comb them with your fingers only. Finish the styling after misting the hair sections with a spray which will keep the hairstyle in place.

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