Using Egg White To Create Hair Spikes

egg white hair egg white hair2
Creating a spike hairstyle is a simple process and it involves only few styling products. You can also use the egg white to achieve the spiky look. This hairstyle can give a very dramatic look if you make it stay on the hair for a long time. You can use any number of eggs on your hair, but use only egg white to get the hairstyle perfectly.
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First take 1 egg cracked in a bowl and divide the white form separately. Now mist the egg white with hairspray which is a very important process that must be done without fail as it can remove the odors from the egg. Start mixing the egg whites using a electric mixer till it becomes thick. Now brush the hair and take a small section to create the spike. Try to spread egg white over the hair from top to bottom using your hands and create the spiky look as per your desire. Use the same styling process all over the hair by pulling out small sections. You can use the comb while applying the egg white over your hair to achieve the spiky look. At last mist the entire hair with hairspray to complete your styling process. In case you want to wash the hair, just use the normal hair shampoo and there is no need to use other special products for cleaning your hair.

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