Caring For Blonde Hair

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Having a blonde hair needs extra care as they can easily get damaged. Treating a blonde hair needs additional effort that can be done by following few simple styling steps. Most of the people who have blonde hair can follow this method to keep it healthy.
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Avoid making your hair blonde by using different types of hair colors available in the market. You can also make your hair look blonde naturally by sitting under the sun. Always get a deep-conditioning process done on your hair on regular basis by using olive oil to maintain it soft. While washing your hair avoid using shampoos at the hair ends as it can make them look messy. Just use the shampoo on top of your hair and just leave the ends as it is. Avoid using hairstyling products too much on your blonde hair as they can weigh down your hair. Use products such as leave-in cream all over the hair from top to end to make it look shiny, but don’t over use it. Go to a saloon to get haircuts on regular basis to maintain the blonde hair healthy. If you don’t want to cut the hair, try to cut just the hair ends to keep it healthy. Don comb the hair too much as it can cause breakage and even split ends. In case you want to comb your hair use a brush with natural bristles.

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Using No Lye Relaxer On Your Hair

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No lye relaxer is a tool that has been specially designed to make the Afro-American hair straight. This tool must be used on your hair with extra care as it can cause damage not only to your hair, but to the scalp also if not used properly. No lye relaxers usually feature guanidine hydroxide that makes it one of the strongest hair relaxer. The no lye relaxer can be the best option for styling your hair at home. Due to this, the hair can get easily damaged if you don’t follow a proper technique for using it.
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The guanidine hydroxide used in the no lye relaxer is similar to the sodium hydroxide that is available in the lye relaxer. The pH balance is available in both the relaxers which are useful in making the hairstyling process faster, but the over-processing risk is more in it. To use the no lye relaxer, you must follow a particular method. You must mix both the creme as well as liquid part together and it must be used as for one time on the hair. It is not possible to store the left out product in the container for using it on the hair later when compared to the lye relaxer which can be used more than once. You must take some extra precautionary measure before deciding to use the no lye relaxer on your hair.

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Styling Hair With Wen Products

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Wen products include different types of styling items such as styling creme, intensive repair mask and cleansing conditioner. The wen products are available with natural ingredients that features mostly herbs and it can be used for make your hair moisturized as well as strong. To get the best results out of the wen products, you must make sure to follow the right method for using it over the hair and don’t over use any of the products.
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To use the wen product on your hair, first rinse it and apply the cleansing conditioner over your hair from the scalp and move gently at the hair ends. Mist the hair with water which can help in spreading the product easily throughout your hair. Try to massage the hair after applying the cleansing conditioner which can make it to enter into your hair shaft very easily. Next use a wide-tooth brush to comb your hair to make it spread all over the hair strands and leave your hair as it is for about 5 minutes before getting it rinsed as usual. Now apply a small amount of cleansing conditioner again over your hair and spread it all over from top to bottom. Now you can style your hair by using styling creme by applying it gently throughout the hair. You can dry the hair with a blow dryer or leave it to dry on its own.

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Using Demi-Permanent Color On Hair

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Demi-permanent color can be the best option if you want to make the hair color stay longer than the semi-permanent color. This product can be the best option to color your hair without getting it damaged. The hair color can stay on for 10-20 washing if it is applied over your hair in a proper way. The demi-permanent color is available online that can be purchased for using it at home without going to a saloon. If required consult a hairstyling before purchasing them to know which is better for your hair.
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As usual wash the hair and make it dry without using a hair dryer. Avoid using any type of hair conditioning products or gels over the hair. But you can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly near the hairline to avoid the color from entering into skin. Wear hand gloves and take the applicator along with hair color for spreading it over the hair. Make sure that you are able to apply the product all over the hair evenly. Then brush your hair using the comb that will be provided along with the product to make the color spread throughout your hair strands. Leave the hair with the color for 15 minutes and rinse it fully using warm water. You can apply a little amount of shampoo during the rinsing process and dry the hair naturally without the help of a blow dryer.

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Using Peroxide And Food Color On Hair

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Mixing peroxide and food color can be the best option to color your hair naturally. It is possible to change color of the hair if you mix both these products together in a perfect manner. By doing this you can also prevent hair damage that is caused by coloring the hair with chemicals. Make sure to wear hand gloves during this coloring process and use bright hair color to make the hair look good.
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First clean your hair by washing it and make sure that your hair straight. Then cover the shoulder with a towel to prevent the color from falling on the floor. Now take hydrogen peroxide in a bottle and add same amount of water in the bottle. Mist the hair with it and spread it all over the hair using your fingers after wearing hand gloves. Let the solution stay on your hair for about fifteen minutes before rinsing it with normal water. Try to wash the hair using a moisturizing shampoo before conditioning it with a hair conditioner. Leave the hair to dry on its own and style it as per your wish. Now take the food color gel in your fingers and apply it throughout the hair. You can leave this food color gel on your hair for a long time to make it stick on your hair. Most of the people will leave it on for a day before getting hair rinsed.

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Using Milk Over Straightened Hair

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Hair can be straightened with the help of chemicals and other straightenining tools. But this process can cause mild to serious damage to your hair. Those who want to make their hair straight without undergoing any chemical process, they can try the following method which is done with the help of milk. Try to use powdered milk as it is considered to b much cheaper than other types of milk.
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Start the styling by washing your hair and mist the entire hair with milk before using the shampoo. Try to massage it gently using the milk and let it sit over the hair for about 20 minutes. The massaging process will make the milk to enter into the scalp and also increase the blood circulation in it. Then brush the hair with wide-tooth comb and rinse the hair. Again use the shampoo and condition the hair before rinsing it for the second time. Make sure that the hair loses the milk smell before stopping the rinsing process. Leave the hair to dry on its own or use a normal towel to make it dry. Try to mist the milk over the damp hair if you want to make the hair look smooth and then dry it with the help of a hair dryer using the round brush. You can use the powdered milk to create a paste like substance by mixing it with water and massage it over hair for better result.

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Styling Hair With Silky Dreads

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Silky dreads can be a perfect way of styling the dreadlocks if the hair looks weak and even short. This hairstyle can be styled as per your desire and the consumed is also very less when compared to other hairstyle. Try to create the braid in your silky dreads in such as way that it sticks in place over your head. While dividing your hair, make sure to it is wide as well as thick just like the extensions.
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First divide your hair into sections and try to keep hair extension against the divide hair near your root. Let the long part of your extension stay loose over the head. Now you must braid this section of your hair along with the extension with three-strand braid method and after reaching the end make sure they look fully tight. Brush the hair in your braid with the backcomb technique and do this till your entire hair stays in place without using any styling product. In case you find any lose part in your extension try to wrap it around your braid from top and move towards the end of the extension. You must also try to backcomb hair ends that were wrapped into your braid and use spirit gum to make it stay in place easily. Continue this technique on the remaining hair sections in the same way to complete the styling process.

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Effects Of Basil On Your Hair

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Basil is a cooking product that is normally used to prepare different items. The basil is also considered to feature healing properties as it has been used from a very long time. The oil produced from basil can be used as a good hair moisturizing product that can make the air strong and prevent the dryness. Consult a doctor and a hairstylist before using the basil product on your hair. Continue to use it over the hair until the results are visible after getting suggestions from the hair specialist.
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Basil also helps to stimulate your hair follicles that are weak and easily make the hair healthy once again. The blood circulation in your scalp can become one of the major reason for your hair loss. During this time you can use the basil oil to massage over your scalp gently that can make the blood circulation effectively into your scalp regenerating hair follicles. This product also features eugenol that is anti-inflammatory which can increase the blood flow into your scalp. You can also use the basil to make the hair shaft strong and prevent hair breakage. The healing properties available basil includes two flavenoids that is capable of protecting cell structures and prevents radiation damage. Try to purchase the basil product from a store near you and if you are facing any kind of allergy while using this product, stop it immediately.

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Growing Hair Fast Using Fertilizers

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Hair fertilizers are one of such products that can be helpful in growing your hair fast. There are different types of fertilizers that can be used on the hair to make it grow faster, but you must which one is the suitable one for your hair type. The fertilizers can stimulate your scalp that can improve blood circulation that helps to grow your hair faster.
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Lavender oil is one of the product that is very popular among most of the people and it also smells good. If you are applying it over your hair, make sure to stay away from skin as it can cause slight discomfort due to the stimulation of blood flow. Another product is Rosemary oil that can increase your blood circulation and stimulate your hair growth. You can also use Basil oil which is considered to be the best fertilizer that is used on the hair and it is hard to get. This oil can also be very costly when compared to other hair fertilizers. The next option is Nettle oil which is an herb that is a good choice for blood circulation. It can also clean the dirt on your scalp and make the hair growth fast. The final option is the Lemon oil which can make the blood vessels strong and add nutrients into your scalp. Try to consult a hairstylist before trying any of these oils for hair growth.

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Hair Wrapping With Short Hair

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Hair wrapping can give a good look if you do it in a proper way. But the hair must be long enough to create the wrap over your head. Wrapping the short hair can be hard for most of the people and there are few steps that can be followed to achieve it in a perfect manner. Make sure to keep the tools ready before starting your styling which includes hooded dryer, leave-in conditioner, serum and brush.
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You can start the styling after washing your hair as usual and keep the hair slightly damp. Then spread a small amount of leave-in conditioner all over the hair as it can be very much helpful during the hair wrapping process. The leave-in conditioner can also make your hair look soft as well as shiny. Next brush your hair from middle of the head straight down. Now comb the hair again in circular motion clockwise and move out of the hair to make a simple hive over your head. Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner over your hair at the back side of the head and brush the hair straight down. Place the hooded dryer with medium heat over your head for about one hour. Once the wrap becomes fully dry, try to apply a small amount of serum in your hand and spread it over the hair. Now you will be able to style the hair as you wish.

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