Styling Your Hair With Toupee

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A toupee is a perfect way to enhance your hairstyle if you have cut the hair too short. It is not easy to wear the toupee over your head without a proper technique and it must look good as well as natural on the head. You must also maintain the toupee in a proper way to make it suitable to wear on various occasions and try to remove it in a gentle manner so you can wear it again.
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First dampen the head with water or you can also wash the entire hair as normally your would do. Start placing the toupee tape just below the toupee as close as possible and try to take the backing off strips to attach the tape to the scalp. Mist the entire scalp with a hairspray which can help top keep your toupee from coming out of its place. Now you keep the toupee over your head very gently and adjust it as per your desire with some pressure over the area where you have use adhesive tape. Next mist the toupee using water and then apply a little amount of hair conditioner. In case your want to take the toupee out of the head do it very slowly from back of the head and moving towards the front. You can just use your fingers to remove the toupee out of its place. Try to use adhesive remover only if it is needed to remove your toupee.

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Styling Your Hair With Headband Wig

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Headband wigs are the best way to achieve a new look without touching the original hair. Even though the headband wigs are known to be a little costly, it can get the look you want to achieve with a wig. If you think that the headband wig is too costly for you to purchase, then try to make your own wig at home.
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First take a balloon with air filled and use a headband to stretch it around your balloon. Then take a small part of acrylic wig and make sure that it matches with the size of your hair. Use a glue stick just over the headband in a simple thin line and keep the cut wig over hot glue. You can use the same method to add the wig hair over the headband and after completing this on one side of the head move on to the other part of the head. Finally cut the hair as per your desire to make it look. Now it is time to prepare your hair to keep the headband wig over your head. Having a short hair can be the best option to using the headband wig and in case you have a medium to long hair try to secure the entire hair using a bobby pin. Then keep the headband wig over your hair and make sure it is placed in a proper way so it doesn’t come out of the head.

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Straightening Hair Using Mineral Oil

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You can use various styling process for making the hair look straight, but most of the people prefer to straighten their hair with the help of natural products. One such natural product is the mineral oil that can be used as the hairstyling product and it is also used for removing the tangles out of the hair. The mineral oil is known to feature lot of important properties that can also help making the hair healthy without any breakage. Don’t use the mineral oil on the hair in large amount as it can spoil the look.
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First clean your hair as usual and apply a proper shampoo along with a hair conditioner. Once the hair gets fully dry make small sections all over the head as you must begin your hair straightening process only with one inch hair. Start spreading the mineral oil into each section of your hair as per your wish and try to gently massage all over. Now use the flatiron over the hair section by moving it slowly the hair till it becomes fully straight. Use the same method on the other hair parts that was divided and make sure to use the mineral oil over the hair before suing the flat iron over the hair sections. Next your can divide your hair into large section and use this technique for making the hair straight. At last wash the hair once again and you can see that your hair will look straight.

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Styling Hair With Rag Curls

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This is a very beautiful hairstyle with rag curls which can be much softer than the pin curls. To create this style you need to have few rag strips and it can be a very interesting hairstyle for women who are looking to have a different and interesting look. This is considered to be a simplest way of styling the hair that is medium to long. Most of the people will also try to create head full of lovely curls to get a different look.
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Begin the styling process by cutting cut a piece of cloth into strips that must be six inches long and one inch wide. First create test curls taking a part of the hair cutting and then condition the hair to start the actual styling process. Next spread a little amount of hair gel and run a dab all over the hair. Section the hair as usual and part the hair which depends on the curls that you wish to create. Curl the hair around a rag and around the strip of cloth for making tiny curls which is mostly liked young children. Once the hair becomes fully curled tie the strips end together and then remove the rags slowly after the hair becomes dry. To create the ringlets, make sure to pull the rag down and then remove the curlers out.  Finally leave your fingers through the hair and mist all over with a little amount of hairspray.

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Top Haircolors for The Season

Its not that your natural hair color will make you look best. Sometimes, hair color products can enhance your looks to great extent and make you look even more charming.

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The deep hues and highlights are a great add on to women’s hair and that’s the primary reason that celebs adopt these hairstyles. The gorgeous light auburn are ideal for women with fair complexion, for dusky girls darker shades look apt.

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Nowadays, there is not dearth of quality hair colours and you must try various shades to see which one gets the shade right on you.


"The Place Beyond The Pines" New York Premiere - After Party


Hottest Hair Trends for Girls – 2014

Hairstyle plays a very important role in influencing the overall personality of an individual. It is one of the most prominent part of your body and can be styled in various ways.



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Hair trends change often and depend upon the fashion, weather and geographical area. From pony tails to wavy hair to spikes there are innumerable styles that a girl can don. Following are some of the hottest hair trends for girls that are doing rounds in 2014.

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Some of the colors that are popular onward including dip dyes, bright hues, platinum and ombre.  To achieve the best hairstyle, you need not only a suiting hairstyle but also a perfect shade.





Best Celeb Secrets for Healthy, Shiny Hair

If you are impressed with the shiny, textured hair of your favorite celebs, then following are some easy tips that you will help you to get the much needed shine and texture on your hairs.




Once you have used the conditioner on your hair then you need to wash it using cold water only, followed by towel dry and applying serum in small quantities. Washing it with hot water will also wash away essential hair nutrients.




Always apply quality hair conditioners as they help to maintain the acidity level of your hair. Using appropriate brush suiting your hair length is also important as it prevent hair falls and damages. r

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