Face Framing Haircut For Square Face

face framing hair face framing hair2
Face framing hair can be achieved with a simple haircut that can be done at home without going to a saloon. Before creating the face framing haircut, you must make sure that you have the correct facial shape to make it look good. Each facial shape can be made to look good with different haircutting techniques. First know your facial shape which will normally be square, round, heart, oval and long. Just follow the method to create the face framing hair with a square face.
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First you must try to frame the hair layers till the chin length which can make your face look completely soft. It will also help to cover the strong jawline and the layers in your hair will start only from your chin. You can also create curl as well as waves in this hairstyle that can frame your face. It is also possible to create this look without cutting the hair using waves and the curls in your hair. By doing this hairstyle without a cut, it may look as though you have added more layers into it that can soften your jawline. Consult a hair specialist if you are cutting the hair for the first time to create the face framing layers. Once you have cut the hair, it will take some time to grow long, so it is better to get tips from the hairstylist.

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Things To Be Considered Before A Haircut

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Those who want to cut their hair must decide what type of haircut would suit their hair and face. Getting a good haircut can make yourself look confident and a bad hair day can be avoided with this. Try to follow few simple things before styling your long hair into short. Keep in mind that after cutting the hair short it will take at least a month to grow slightly longer.
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First consult a hairstylist about cutting your hair to know which haircut can make yourself look beautiful. Then decide the length of your haircut as you must give special attention while cutting the hair to achieve it. Be clear while discussing the haircut with your hairstylist as you cannot get back the length of your hair after it has been cut. If you are cutting hair too short, it will take some time to grow and this type of short haircut can be maintained without using any special products. The hairstyling time will be limited if your cut the hair very short. The hair must be cut in different stages and while cutting the hair for the first time try to keep the hair at least shoulder length. The hair can be cut a little short after few days to achieve the look. Always, try to cut the hair in such as way that it can be adjusted after the haircut.

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Miley Cyrus Cropped Haircut

miley cyrus cropped miley cyrus cropped2
Miley Cyrus with cropped haircut can be a perfect hairstyle for both men as well as women. Even kids can cut their hair in this way to get different types of look. It is very simple to get this hairstyle achieved at home than going to the hairstylist. You can simply use the clippers to get this style done at home and put only little amount of pressure with this tool while using it over the head. Make sure not to use the tool for a long time on the head as it can damage it.
miley cyrus cropped3 miley cyrus cropped4

miley cyrus cropped5 miley cyrus cropped6
First take clippers with attached clipper guard number 8 and use it over the head. You can use the clipper over your head the as per your desire. Then comb the hair that is long and use the clipper near the ear on both the sides of your head. Now you must texturize your hair ends with the help of thinning shears and brush the entire hair away from the head. You must move your hair shaft just half inch by closing your thinning shears over the hair once again. This will texturize the ends of your hair and maintain an uneven hairline at the ends of your hair. Keeping the hair ends uneven is the best way to achieve this hairstyle. At last brush your hair once again and maintain the hairstyle naturally without touching your hairline.

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High Fade Haircut

high fade hair high fade hair2
High fade haircut can be created with any type of hair and it has been one of the most popular hairstyle from a very long time. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut very close to the scalp over the top and side of your head. As you move towards the top of the head, the hair will become longer. You must get help from a hairstylist to achieve this haircut in a perfect manner. If you are doing this at home, try to be patience while cutting the hair.
high fade hair3 high fade hair4

high fade hair5 high fade hair6
To start the haircut, first use the scissors to cut the hair at the side of the head and make sure you only have one inch long hair. Next use electric razor for cutting the hair at the side and bottom part of your head which must be very close to the scalp. Then cut bottom of your head again by moving the razor vertically and it must be very close to your skin. Try to move away from your scalp further and make the razor move on top of the top. Now you must comb the entire hair over the top to make it stand up and use a spray to maintain the hair in its position. Use hair clippers top cut the hair over the head by simply brushing the hair and you can also cut the hair which comes out of your hairstyle with the clippers.

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Getting A Solid Haircut

solid haircut solid haircut2
A solid haircut is type of hairstyle that is usually cut to one length for a solid and uniform flow of hair. In this hairstyle, the layers are not cut into the hair for volume and the hair will naturally follow at the shape of your head which makes the weight of the hair to visibly fall at the bottom of the cut. A bob hairstyle is one of the popular solid-form haircuts which are done by most of the celebrities. This style will make you look simple and it also suits almost every face shape.
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solid haircut5 solid haircut6
First spritz all over the hair with a disentangling spray and leave the hair for some time to make the spray to enter into the strands. Then comb the hair straight down until all knots are removed to get an even cut. Part the hair horizontally using a rat-tail comb from ear to ear and then clip up the rest of the hair on top of the head to keep it separate. Part the hair down and hold it with fingers to begin the cutting process. Now leave the hair between your fingers which must be removed and start cutting the hair parallel to horizontal part that was created. Cut off any dangling ends and use tail-end of a rat-tail comb for even parting. At last comb your hair and mist all over the hair with a disentangling spray to end the styling process.

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Isabella Rossellini Hairstyle

Isabella Fiorella was an Italian sensation in 70s. This beautiful author, actress and filmmaker was involved in several popular project including Death Become Her and Blue Velvet. Her roles in these movies was highly appreciated by the audience.

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Her hairstyles differed a lot of over the years. Even though she looked fabulous in whatever she donned, her super short pixie cut remained a hit as they made her lovely features pop.

14 15


The straighter textures will have quite an easy time with her hairstyles, that too, without much use of waxes and pomades.
19 1977 Filmx Closing Party and Festivities

Best Kids Spikes Hairstyles

One of the most popular haircuts among kids is the spikes haircut. There are many reason behind soaring popularity of spikes as a popular kid’s hairstyle. One of the major one is that these are low maintenance. Besides, they are suitable for all face types.



Boys Short Spiky Hairstyle

Spikes can easily turn a routine everyday hairstyles into a attention catching work of hair art. Here the thing is to get the technique right. You can spike hair for any texture or length.




The most important steps to achieve the right kind of spikes is washing and drying of the hair. If done properly, you will don a classy spiky look.



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Cara Delevingne Dashing Hairstyle

Cara Delevingne is a popular English model, singer and socialite who rose to fame at an early age. She is considered as one of the hottest blondes in English circles due to her amazing figure and brilliant hairstyles.

9 10


Cara loves to play with hair shades and she isn’t afraid of experiment. Her dark brunette eyebrows along with center partitioned ash blonde hair made he look pretty amazing as seen below.

8 7


This beautiful model also loves ponytails and is fond of 60s hairstyles.  Another popular hairstyle that she loves is the windswept hair.

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Best Women Hairstyles – 2000’s

The foundation of the women’s hairstyle of 2000’s was laid in 90’s itself. The resurgence of hair accessories played an important role in creating different hairstyles. Waves became almost synonymous with medium to long hair and majority of the celebs sported this look.




Some of the hair trends of this era may not look unique to excessively appealing, but still they made a mark. Rather than hairstyles, more emphasis was laid on haircuts in the 2000’s.




The use of hair gels and conditioners also skyrocketed this decade as more and more people got cautious about their looks and cool quotient.

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Bob Haircut for Girls

A bob cut is basically a short haircut for women who wants to have typically cut straight hair around the head with some bangs on  the front.

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Bob haircut has got a rich history and many young girls during the WWII sported this haircut as it seemed unconventional and fashionable then the normal long hairs.

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A lot of celebs have been seen sporting bob haircut and it really suites them. Even this haircut can consist of several types including curly, wave or side parting. Apart from looking good, another advantage of this haircut is that it requires very less maintenance.