Top Men Hairdos This Season

The hairstyle is one of the most noticeable trait of any individual. Your hairstyle speaks a lot about your personality and given the fact that there are limitless hairstyles available for men, it may be a difficult choice to choose one.




You must experiment with your hairstyles. Its not that every time you will achieve success but sometimes you will definitely feel that it is much better than the once you sported before.


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Your face type, complexion and hair quality will also play a crucial role in deciding your hairdo. Nevertheless, you must see the following hairstyles as they are suitable for almost all face types.







David Beckham: Top Three Hairstyles

David Beckham is not only a renowned sporting personality of the world but also a great fashion icon. Even though he has announced his retirement from the field of professional soccer, his looks and hairstyles are still hot trends for people around the world. During his professional career, he was seen sporting various hairstyles and it will not be wrong to say that his hairstyles garnered as much attention or maybe even more as his goals did. Following is the list of the top three hairstyles of this football legend.
The Wet Casual Look


He had kept this hairstyle for long and always managed to stun the pretty ladies with it. In this hairdo, the back as well as the sides of the hairs were cut quite short, so as to provide a cleaner and neat insight, whereas hair at the center were kept long and jagged cut so as to provide a textured look to this handsome man. The stubble complimented this slightly rusty look of this fashion icon. This hairstyle suits people with thin and long face.
The Short Casual Look


On several formal occasions, David is seen sporting this smooth and formal hairstyle. Similar to the above one the sides as well as rear of the head are cropped short. The length of the hair in the middle is kept long enough so that they can easily be combed to the ends for a slick finish. The use of hair products is recommended for this hair style in order to maintain the slick finish. It’s suited for men having oval, round and rectangular faces.
The Long Messy Look


This messy hairstyle of David is more suitable for causal occasions. He kept his hairs long and created this design using blonde lock. The length of the hairs shall be till shoulders and then should be cut into angled layers. This hairstyle is more suited for people having thin to medium hair thickness. In order to get this hairstyle perfectly, one needs to comb his hair perfectly and dry them naturally. Managing this hairstyle is not as easy as it seems and a lot of attention and time has to be given to styling.
David Beckham garnered a lot of attention of his fans and media all around the world because of his hairstyles mentioned above. Till date, he continues to be a great fashion icon and he still continues to experiment with his hairdos.

Some of the other popular hairstyles of David Beckham include:-