Hairstyle With Blonde Black Color

blonde black hair blonde black hair2
Blonde black color can give a very unique as well as dramatic look to your hair. There are many celebrities who color their hair in this way to look completely different. You must follow this simple method to color your hair and make it blonde black.
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First you must select the blonde coloring kit suitable for your hair. In case your hair is naturally blonde, try to lighten it slightly and others can follow the instruction on the kit. Those who don’t have a blonde hair must color their entire hair with blonde color. It is better to get help from a hairstylist if you don’t have a naturally blonde hair color. Now select the tone of your black color which can be high or low depending upon your look. Then comb the hair to make separate a section of hair horizontally over the head in straight line and make the remaining hair part to stay down. Now secure the hair on top of the head using a ponytail holder and cover the horizontal part using aluminum foil. Start coloring the bottom section of the hair without touching the top part. Once the bottom hair section has been covered with black color, leave it on for the time mentioned in the instructions and rinse it as usual. Finally remove the ponytail holder from the top section to make your hair fall on its own.

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Rachelle Lefevre’s Crinkled Hairstyle

rachelle lefevre rachelle lefevre2
Rachelle Lefevre has got a crinkled hairstyle that can look great for those who have a curly hair. It is a very beautiful way of creating a hairstyle which is suitable for a special occasion. Here is a technique to get her hairstyle without getting support from anyone. Avoid using too much of hairstyling products over your hair during the styling process as it can spoil your look. Don’t dry your hair fully while styling the hair as it can prevent you from getting this hairstyle.
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rachelle lefevre5 rachelle lefevre6
To Rachelle Lefevre crinkled hairstyle, there is a way that must be followed which is called as braiding method. First wash your hair a day before beginning your styling process and condition it properly without fail. In the next day, try to blow dry the hair roots without touching your hair strands to make it dry. Brush the hair as make it easily manageable and create French braid with your hair which must be slightly loose. If required you can also apply a little amount of hair serum all over the strands to prevent the frizzy look. Make sure that the serum is not spread too much over the hair as can make the hair look greasy. Now you must sleep with your braids on and in the next morning you can take the braids out. Now you can see the crinkled look in your hair that can be styled as per your wish.

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Long Lasting Hairstyle

long lasting hairstyle long lasting hairstyle2
To make a hairstyle to last long, you must follow few simple steps. Most of the people want to style their hair beautifully, but they will face problems to maintain them for a long time in the original shape. There are different things that can affect your hairstyle during the day. Here is a technique to make your hairstyle last long.
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long lasting hairstyle5 long lasting hairstyle6
First develop volume in your hair before creating the hairstyle using a shampoo and the hair conditioner. After washing your hair, try to dry it using the best method. Use the blow dryer over your hair by keeping it pointed upwards concentrating on the roots. You can also make the hair to fall frontwards by bending your head during the drying process. Now you can style the hair by misting the hair with hairspray and mainly mist the hair at its roots to maintain the hairstyle for a long time in the same way. There are also other hairstyling products such as gel that can be applied over your hair before making the hair straight using with flat iron. Try to style the hair that can give a fuss look, instead you can style the hair in such a way that it stays intact for a long time. Apply a small amount of silicone based gel over the hair roots and brush the hair gently to make the hairstyle long last.

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Feminine Hairstyle

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Feminine hairstyle is a very unique style that can look very difficult to create. There is a method that must be followed to achieve this hairstyle at home. You must know how to make a part in your hair in front of the head. This is a perfect hairstyle while attending a special event. Use hair accessories to make your feminine hairstyle look beautiful. You can also wear a beautiful looking hair pin to secure your hair in place.
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feminine hairstyle5 feminine hairstyle6
Next take the remaining hair to create a ponytail just near your middle point over your head. Use a ponytail holder to secure the ponytail tightly. Now brush your hair from the ponytail to create volume into the hair. Divide your hair into two parts for twisting it to create a simple bun and do the same with the other hair section. Make sure that your second hair section comes over the middle part of the bun. Tuck your hair ends into the bun and hold the hair in your hand. Try to pull the remaining hair at the back of your head and wrap it over the bun. Secure your hair using with a pin and use the same technique over the other section of your hair to create a focus around your face. You must also wrap the ends of your hair around and secure it in place with a pin.

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Short Hairstyle Like Dorothy Hamill

dorothy hamill hair dorothy hamill hair2
Dorothy Hamill short hairstyle was popular in the 1970s and it can be created using a wedge haircut. This hairstyle was worn by Dorothy Hamill in the Olympics held in 1976. The hairstyle look similar to the short bob behind your head and it curve inward as well as back to compliment rounded face. The hairstyle usually looks with all type of hair.
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dorothy hamill hair5 dorothy hamill hair6
To create short hairstyle like Dorothy Hamill, begin your styling by collecting most of your hair at the top and try to cut your hair bangs as per your wish that must drop straight down from your head. Cut perimeter of hair that is at the back of the neck which will vary depending on hair of the person. It can normally range from over the shoulders to near your ears. Leave rest of the hair and just cut it as your desired length. Try to part your hair down that was cut and make a strong weight line over top of the head. Next brush your hair out keeping about 90 degree angle using your weight line and parallel to the floor to make a distinctive look. Cut your hair at descending angle from end of your weight line to make a diagonal line using the hair. Do angled cut all the way around the head and try to leave all of your hair long than rest of your hair.

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Maintaining Rooster Hairstyle

rooster hairstyle rooster hairstyle2
Rooster hairstyle has been one of the unique way of styling the hair that was popularized by some of the celebrities. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who to create a unique look with their short hair. It can also give a very funny look when matched with a proper outfit. Most of the teens in the present day like to style their hair in this way. After creating this hairstyle it is important to maintain it in a proper way.
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rooster hairstyle5 rooster hairstyle6
First cut excess of your hair with the help of scissors and mainly near your ears as well as forehead. Now try to cut your hair at the sides of the head and shave your head with the help of a half inch guard starting from back of the head and move to the front part over the head. Leave one and half inch hair strip down the middle of the head and take guard off your clipper for just shaving sides or other parts of the hair over your head without touching the middle hair strip. You can also style and create a shape over the middle hair strip in different ways like flat. Use the guard and clippers for removing the excess of hair over the top to maintain a proper height over the head. Try to maintain this hairstyle using the hair guard clippers to make it look same always.

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Hairstyle With Textured High Updo

textured high updo textured high updo2
Creating textured high updo is one of the best way to style the hair to get a elegant look. This hairstyle is also one of the best ways to keep yourself cool during a hot and humid days. You can also wear it while going for an office, party or even for a shopping. Try to keep it slightly messy to make the look cool during special occasions. Even thought there are so updo hairstyle that be worn this one can make you look completely different. Get this hairstyle at home by following these simple steps.
textured high updo3 textured high updo4

textured high updo5 textured high updo6
Try to wash the hair using a shampoo and then use a little amount of hair conditioner. Next spread a little amount of volume-enhancing cream like a mousse to keep the hair slightly damp and use a blow dryer to dry the hair upside down. Finger comb the hair to create wavy texture while blow drying the hair. Now collect all of the hair to create a ponytail or knot the hair into a low bun or pull the hair up higher at the crown and secure it using a hair clip. Try to pull few pieces of hair from the bun or at the ends of the hair. Next apply a generous amount of smoothing serum in your hands and spread it all over the hair to control the flyaways. At last spritz the hair with a little amount of aerosol hairspray to get into the look.

textured high updo7 textured high updo8

Hairstyle With Scrunched Look

scrunched hair scrunched hair2
Scrunched look in your hair can look good, but to achieve it you must follow the right technique which can be slightly difficult for some of the people. Those who have a tightly wound curly hair and craving beach tussled waves will be able to remove the frizz to create this type of hairstyle. Most of the people will try to use lot of styling products to style such a hair and it can be achieved them by following these simple steps. Try to select the best styling product to style the hair as it can give stiffer curls.
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scrunched hair5 scrunched hair6
First wash the hair and condition it using a texturizing shampoo. Get the conditioners that are used for on curly hair as it can be the best choice for a scrunched hairstyle and it can also avoid broken or split ends. Remove the excess water from the hair and remove the tangles or knots with a wide-toothed comb or vent brush. Apply a little amount of leave in conditioner all over your hair and finger comb it properly. Next use a diffuser on the hairdryer and then tip the head over while drying the hair from the roots to the ends. Scrunch your hair between the hands into small sections and then try to keep it slightly damp. Flip the head right side up and scrunch it by holding hairdryer. Finally apply a generous amount of finishing product in your hands and spread it over the hair.

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Hairstyle With Medium Layered Emo

layered emo hair layered emo hair2
A medium layered emo features has 3 different layers inside one inch in first two as well as third layer falling 3 inches after second one. The hair layers will be unattached in a sense which they do not follow a pattern of an inch between the layers. To cut an emo hairstyle with layers use upto four ponytail holders and rat tail comb.
layered emo hair3 layered emo hair4

layered emo hair5 layered emo hair6
First decide on how many layers you are planning to have an haircut. This hairstyle usually needs three to four layers depending on the length of the hair. Divide the hair by going from temple to temple and making it forward one section from there. Go from behind your ear just below the crown of your head and back down to behind the other ear. The final section of hair will be left in the back of your head and all sections must be secured with hair ties. First section of the hair must be brushed forward to cover the face completely and to make it more manageable. Hold a section of the hair in front of the face one or two inches from your nose. The second section must be brushed forward and cut at the same point one to two inches past the nose. The third section will be brushed forward to cut the hair about two to three inches past the nose. Use your finger to comb the hair and then create more jagged ends by clipping the sections throughout the hair.

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Hairstyle With Headband Updo

headband updo headband updo2
Headband updo is a hairstyle which features a headband placed over the up to give a beautiful look.  It is a hairstyle that liked by some of the celebrities who want to keep their hair on top of the head. This hairstyle can be created easily at home with few simple steps. You must start the hairstyling on a day old hair. Avoid washing the hair on the day of your styling process as it can cause flyaways in your hair that can make it difficult to stay in place.
headband updo3 headband updo4

headband updo5 headband updo6
To start your hairstyling, spread a little amount of texturizing gel all over your hair. Then try to brush the entire hair and don’t continue the styling without the brushing process. This will make the hairstyle look more voluminous. Next comb your hair which is at the back of the head and make a simple looking ponytail on top of your head. Try to twist your ponytail to create a ballerina bun and keep it secured with the help of bobby pins before misting it with anti-frizz spray. This will keep the hairstyle in place without causing any flyaways. Now you can take a headband of your preferred choice and place it over the head. If possible you can also create other type of hairstyle and wear the headband, but this is the best method to create an updo along with headband.

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