Oprah Winfrey Hairstyle

Oprah Winfrey is a popular TV host, producer & actress and is a perfect example of rages to riches story. Coming from a very humble background Oprah is one of the most powerful woman today in the world as per Forbes Magazine.

Oprah 1


OP 3

Oprah has got nice curly hairs which are thick and radiant. However, she often surprises her audience by wearing a wig having hair weaves.





Among her most popular hairstyles are the normal straight look which she often sports during interviews with the celebs. Considering her face type, both waves and straight hair suits her nicely.


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Oprah Winfrey




Top 10 Kids Hairstyles – Girls

Kids hairstyles play an important role in determining their overall look. As the volume of hairs in kids is far less than adults, they are easier to maintain. Following are the top 10 kids hairstyles that you will see these days.

Zig – Zag Ponytail

Zig-Zag Ponytails

Rapunzel Ponytail

Hair Tie

The Hair Tie

Star Hairdo

Fourth of July Star Hairdo

Pig Tails

Simple Variation on Pigtails

As the kids hair are more delicate, due care must be given to them. Only quality serum, shampoos and conditioners should be used and the scalp should be cleaned frequently. A good kids hairstyle will make the kid look even cuter.

Waterfall Baid

The Waterfall Braid

Knotted Headband

The Knotted Headband

Simple Side Burns

Side Ponies


Medium Length Messy Look





Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2013

No matter whether your face is oval, square, long or round, you will always find a haircut that will suit you. Following are some of the best hairstyles of the year gone and have become trend setters for this year too.

Kate Bosworth

This low maintenance hairstyle looked awesome on this beauty.

50 Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Emma Watson
Her classic hairstyle along with the simple makeup made her really good on various red carpets.

50 Best Celebrity Hairstyles




This voluptuous babe has a lovely streak of golden colors an her wavy locks is a treat to the eyes.



Mario Balotelli Best Hairstyles

Mario Balotelli isn’t just a star footballer who has brought laurels to both his country as well as his club but also a trend setter. He is an individual who takes prides in his looks and style. Here is a look of some of the best hairstyles of this football stalwart.





His off pitch styles has impressed his fan base world over. He has maintained his unique personality and often changes his hairstyle to stand out from the crowd.

He is gearing up for the upcoming FIFA World Cup and going to sport a newer and funkier hairstyle.




Penelope Cruz Long Hairstyle

This beautiful actress looks really hot when she sports a long hairstyle which frames her beautiful face. Her long hairstyle gets along with her perfectly matched eyebrows and clear skin.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

Her ombré locks in subtle waves falling on her shoulders make her a head-turner.  The volume of the hairs at the roots are kept high to give a nice sober look.

Penelope Cruz with Curly Bun Hairstyle


Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

This spanish beauty loves to keep her hairstyle simple, barring when her role in the movies demand some experimentation.

Penelope Cruz Half Updo Hairstyle

Her coffee colored hair combined with rich golden highlights is ideal for women having warm skin tones.

Penelope Cruz's Hair with Golden Highlights

Penelope Cruz with Curly Hairstyle

Penelope Cruz Wavy Hairstyle

Jasome Statham Balding Hairstyle

Jason Statham is widely known for his role in the movie Transporter. Besides, he has given a lot of popular roles including in the movies Death Race, The Italian Job, The Expendables etc. His aggressive looks goes well with his balding hairstyle.

This is Jason Statham.



Jason Statham












His fine cut short hair suits his chisel face and majority of the times he is seen sporting a stubble. Such hairstyle is ideal for people who are prefer hairstyle which is less maintaining and demanding.




His muscular look and neat, clean hairstyles makes him a wannabe for his female fans all over.





Amber Heard : Blonde & Beautiful

Amber Heard has got the looks to die for.  This Austin model and actress who started in smaller roles in Alpha Dog and North Country got her big break in the movie All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.


Her flawless looks and radiant skin complements her personality. Her beautiful hairs let her experiment with her hairstyles, making her look even more dazzling.

Amber fell in love with her fellow actor Johnny Deep while shooting for the movie The Rum Diary and the couple is engaged since December last year.

This beautiful Austrian babe continues to charm the list of her growing fans.



Christiano Ronaldo – Word Cup 2014 Hairstyle



Be it on or off the football field, Christiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro or Christiano Ronaldo as he is popularly known is always in middle of the news. This handsome 29 year old star footballer is gearing up for the upcoming world cup in Brazil and hopes to bring laurels to his country and fans.

Ronaldo 1




His trendy hairstyles and amazing fashion sense has always kept him in the news. He is seen sporting a slick hairstyle while preparing for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil and fans are hoping that he impresses them with his performance as much as with his new hairstyle.

new 2





Jim Carrey – Top 3 Hairstyles

This legendary actor gave us some of the most hilarious scenes in Hollywood movies and is a great style icon. Following are his top three hairstyles that he has kept over the years.

Short Straight Formal

Jim 13


jim 12

It gave him a sexy look. The length around the sized and top was left long enough to add volume to it. This hairstyle looked apt on his long face.

Medium Straight Casual

Jim 2



jim 34

The length of hairs was kept quit long on the sides so that they fall over his ears. The layers were then cropped flat so as to make a contour on his head. This look got along well with his beard.

Short Straight Casual


Jim 3


This clean and tidy hairstyle suited Jim really well. It didn’t require any major styling or maintaining and is ideal for people who are on the go.