Parted Bob Hairstyle

parted bob parted bob2
A parted bob hairstyle is recognized with its unique look and it is worn by many celebrities. The hairstyle will have short hair at the back which will grow long in the front of your head along with a distinct angle from back to your chin. It can be created by visiting a saloon using a medium-barrel curling iron. Make sure to use the scissors carefully if you don’t have practice of using them. Avoid cutting too much hair as it cannot be adjusted
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parted bob5 parted bob6
To begin your cutting process, clean your entire hair with a shampoo before applying a hair conditioner on daily basis. Then make a part straight down over the middle of your head and blow dry your entire hair as usual. Now secure your hair in place using a pin and brush it towards the back of the neck. Look into the mirror while cutting your hair using the scissors and make sure to do this gently. The haircut must look even, so try to place your comb at an angle and it should stay away from your cut hair section behind the neck down the chin. Then cut your hair below the brush with slanted tilt and move towards the right side of your hair. Brush the hair by pointing it over the cut section behind your head and also near your chin to make it look perfect.

parted bob7 parted bob8

Simple Looking Straight Hairstyle

simple straight hair simple straight hair2
Most of the people want to make their hair straight, but they will be afraid to use the hairstyling tools. There are also few simple things that can be followed to make the hair straight with getting into a professional way. You can also consult a hairstylist before making the hair straight. Make sure that the hair has been fully washed before you start the styling process.
simple straight hair3 simple straight hair4

simple straight hair5 simple straight hair6
First apply a hair conditioner on a clean hair and purchase the conditioner that is used while making the hair straight. Then rinse the hair and dry it with a towel than using a blow dryer. Once the hair becomes slightly damp, now you can use the blow dryer to prevent the frizzy look in your hair. Next apply small amount of hair serum as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged. Start combing your hair completely from the root and move till the hair ends which will spread the serum through the hair. Use the blow dryer along with straightening nozzle on your hair all over in various directions. Now keep the hair section secured and take another section to use the same technique. Move the blow dryer about 90 degree angle over the hair section and brush it straight from top to bottom. Continue the same method all over the hair in sections using the blow dryer to end the straightening process.

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Hairstyle With Classic Side Chignon

classic side chignon classic side chignon2
A classic side chignon is one of the most preferred hairstyle that can give a surprisingly simple look. This style can be achieved on any type of hair, but it should by long enough to create the side chignon. It is considered to be a timeless updo which is a perfect choice for casual occasions.
classic side chignon3 classic side chignon4

classic side chignon5 classic side chignon6
To get this hairstyle, begin the styling process on a day old hair as it can be easier to form the classic side chignon with an unwashed hair. Next comb your hair straight back of the head to make a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Hold the ponytail in place using a covered hair band. Then separate the ponytail into two equal parts and brush each of them lightly with a comb. Now take one of the sections in hand and smooth it using a hairbrush. Try to twist the section under and hold it in place with a large bobby pin or hair clip. Use the same method on the other part of the ponytail that was divided earlier. At last smooth down any stray hairs using a hair brush and then spritz all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray. After completing the hairstyle, add fresh flowers or a jeweled hair stick when you are wearing this style for a special occasion.  You can also create bangs with this hairstyle and swept to side of your head.

classic side chignon7 classic side chignon8

Sideswept Short Crop Hairstyle

sideswept short crop sideswept short crop2

A sideswept crop hairstyle is one of the most unique way of styling the hair which is short. It is a normal crop haircut where the hair in front the head will be swept across your forehead. There are many people who style their hair like when it short to achieve the unique look. It is also a trend of styling the hair that has been there from a long time and also liked by many. Here is a one of the simple method to style the hair in this way without using any chemicals. But you must get the crop haircut before styling the hair.
sideswept short crop3 sideswept short crop4

sideswept short crop5 sideswept short crop6
To create a sideswept crop style, first you must cut the hair as usual to achieve the cropped look. After cutting the hair try to wash it as usual and condition it with a proper conditioner. Try to wash the hair carefully as an unwashed hair will cause problems while styling it in this manner. Then brush the hair to take out the tangles and use a small amount of heat straightening hairspray all over the hair. Now use a blow dryer to make the hair dry and make sure to comb the hair during this process. Next add little amount of styling cream in between the fingertips to seep your hair across the forehead starting from a side to another. At last mist the properly with a hairspray to create more hold in the hair.

sideswept short crop7 sideswept short crop8

Vanessa Hudgens Curly Hairstyle

vanessa hudgens curl vanessa hudgens curl2
Vanessa Hudgens curly hairstyle is easy to achieve by following a simple process at home. This hairstyle has been liked by most of the people due to the popularity of Vanessa Hudgens. Anyone can create her hairstyle with hairstyling products that are regularly used.
vanessa hudgens curl3 vanessa hudgens curl4

vanessa hudgens curl5 vanessa hudgens curl6
First go through Vanessa Hudgens photos in which she has a curly hairstyle. You can do this by going through magazines and even as the hair specialist. Then comb the hair using a brush to make it soft and spread a little amount of anti-frizz hair gel all over the strands from top to end. Next make a simple straight part in the middle over the head and secure of small parts of hair with rubber bands. You must curl the hair part by part that can make the hairstyle look more effective. Try to curl the hair using a curling iron and make sure to use it at least for a minute on the hair to achieve the curls in a perfect manner. You must mist the hair part that has been curled immediately after using the curling iron that can help in adding more volume into the hair. After creating curls all over your hair just compare your hairstyle with the picture of Vanessa Hudgens to make sure that it looks almost similar. Try to adjust the curls with your fingers if you find it out of shape.

vanessa hudgens curl7 vanessa hudgens curl8

Drawstring Straight Hairstyle

drawstring straight hairstyle drawstring straight hairstyle2
The drawstring straight hairstyle is the best option to style the hair on temporary basis. Most of the people select this hairstyle as it can be created with a weave piece. The weave piece will be made with human or synthetic hair and it is available in different types for styling your hair. It also features various coloring options suitable for different hair types.
drawstring straight hairstyle3 drawstring straight hairstyle4

drawstring straight hairstyle5 drawstring straight hairstyle6
To get this hairstyle done at home, first clean your hair before applying the hair conditioner. Then comb only your natural hair using the wide-tooth hair brush. Comb your hair at the side of the head where your weave piece will be attached. Apply a small amount of hair only at the hair ends which will be able to give it more hold. Use the elastic band for keeping the ponytail secured in its place and try to wrap the hair from your ponytail around base of the ponytail for making it like a hair bun. Keep the hair bun in place with the help of bobby pins and place drawstring hair over your natural hair for attach it using the normal hair clips. Try pulling the drawstrings just over your ponytail tightly and make it cover your ponytail which was made with the help of natural hair. Wrap drawstring at the base of your natural ponytail and keep it secured using bobby pins before wrapping the ponytail holder at the base.

drawstring straight hairstyle7 drawstring straight hairstyle8

Equestrian Hairstyle

equestrian hairstyle equestrian hairstyle2
Equestrian hairstyle is a simple way of styling the hair and it is one of the best as well as easy to achieve style. Most of the celebrities all over the world try this look and you can be achieved at home. It is the best hairstyle that is a perfect choice to be placed at low near your neck and high at the side over your head. This hairstyle can give sporty look for most of the people and you can just follow this technique to get this style done at home without any difficulty. There is no need to use more hairstyling tools in this hairstyle.
equestrian hairstyle3 equestrian hairstyle4

equestrian hairstyle5 equestrian hairstyle6
To start your hairstyling, clean the entire hair before using the hair conditioning product. Then use the moisturizing hair gel all over the strands of your hair and mainly behind your head. Now pull out another hair part below your first hair part and keep it secured using hair band. Continue this technique till the hair gets end in your hand and secure it with the help of a hair band. Make sure to use the hair band only at the end of your hair. Try to wear wide hair bands to secure the hairstyle to keep it in place behind the head without any problem. It is a perfect hairstyle for those who are interested in sports and mainly when you are riding a horse.

equestrian hairstyle7 equestrian hairstyle8

Curly Under Bob Hairstyle

under bob under bob2
Curly looking under bob can give the perfect look that you are planning to achieve with a short hair. This hairstyle can look stylist if you match it with a proper outfit. Most of the people want to make their short hair look really amazing with few simple styling techniques, but it can be made more outstanding if you curl the bob under. Make sure to use the styling tools such as blow dryer and flat iron in a proper manner without causing damage to your hair.
under bob3 under bob4

under bob5 under bob6
Begin the styling with a completely washed hair and use a pre-styling hair product like a gel on the hair to add more texture in it in case it is too thin. You can also apply hair products such as serum if you have a thick hair. Next use a blow dryer to make the hair dry along with the paddle brush and keep the hair slightly wet. Then create different section in the hair during the blow drying process to support the bend in your hair. Now use the flat iron all over the hair strands starting from the neck and try to make the hair ends straight to maintain the volume in it. Try to tuck your hair straightener slightly under while reaching the hair ends to create under-curl look. At last mist the entire hair using anti-humidity spray and brush the entire hair just using your fingers curling the hair ends under.

under bob7 under bob8

Hairstyle With Top Curls

top curls top curls2
Top curls are the best hairstyle to get a different look and it is mostly liked by the teenagers. It is easy to achieve this hairstyle whether you have a naturally curly or normal hair. You must handle the hair carefully while lifting the hair on top of your head to get this hairstyle. After creating the hairstyle, try ti mist it with a hairspray which can keep the hairstyle looking shiny for a long time.
top curls3 top curls4

top curls5 top curls6
First take the hair on top the head to create an updo. To do this take the hair from front of the head at the back of your head and twist it gently. Try to pull the hair as top as possible over the head and secure it using bobby pins. Then use your fingers to style the curls over the head and use the curling iron over the hair strands to make them curly. Another option is by creating a ponytail at the back of your head and cur it with the curling iron after dividing the hair into one inch part. Make sure that all of your hair has been curled and mist it with a spray. You can also use hot rollers to style the hair in this way only after taking the entire hair on top of the head. Try to add hair accessories that can add more style into your hair.

top curls7 top curls8

Hairstyle With Interlocked Weaves

interlock weaves interlock weaves2
Interlocked weaves in the hair is considered to be a unique qay of styling the hair among the Afro-American women. There will be extensions added to the hair with small braids and it is considered to be a low-maintenance hairstyle because it is worn in its natural form without using any chemicals. After wearing this type of hairstyle most of the women will have various options in styling their hair. This style is usually achieved on the hair with extensions and can add length as well as volume to the look very easily. Just follow these steps to create this hairstyle.
interlock weaves3 interlock weaves4

interlock weaves5 interlock weaves6
As usual separate your hair from front to back of the head into half inch wide sections. Take half inch section of your hair and the extension together to separate it into three parts. Braid the section starting from front to the back of your head. Then pull out few strands from the extension in different places of your head and clip it away from your braid. Braid the hair till the end of your hair to create hang free hairstyle. Next take the middle strand from your braid and tie a knot twice with the remaining sections under middle strand. Take the strands which were clipped before and make it hang over the rest of your hair. Try to keep both hair extensions and natural hair to blend. This style can be left without any touch up for about 2 to 3 months.

interlock weaves7 interlock weaves8