Styling Your Hair With Headband Wig

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Headband wigs are the best way to achieve a new look without touching the original hair. Even though the headband wigs are known to be a little costly, it can get the look you want to achieve with a wig. If you think that the headband wig is too costly for you to purchase, then try to make your own wig at home.
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First take a balloon with air filled and use a headband to stretch it around your balloon. Then take a small part of acrylic wig and make sure that it matches with the size of your hair. Use a glue stick just over the headband in a simple thin line and keep the cut wig over hot glue. You can use the same method to add the wig hair over the headband and after completing this on one side of the head move on to the other part of the head. Finally cut the hair as per your desire to make it look. Now it is time to prepare your hair to keep the headband wig over your head. Having a short hair can be the best option to using the headband wig and in case you have a medium to long hair try to secure the entire hair using a bobby pin. Then keep the headband wig over your hair and make sure it is placed in a proper way so it doesn’t come out of the head.

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