High Fade Haircut

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High fade haircut can be created with any type of hair and it has been one of the most popular hairstyle from a very long time. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut very close to the scalp over the top and side of your head. As you move towards the top of the head, the hair will become longer. You must get help from a hairstylist to achieve this haircut in a perfect manner. If you are doing this at home, try to be patience while cutting the hair.
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To start the haircut, first use the scissors to cut the hair at the side of the head and make sure you only have one inch long hair. Next use electric razor for cutting the hair at the side and bottom part of your head which must be very close to the scalp. Then cut bottom of your head again by moving the razor vertically and it must be very close to your skin. Try to move away from your scalp further and make the razor move on top of the top. Now you must comb the entire hair over the top to make it stand up and use a spray to maintain the hair in its position. Use hair clippers top cut the hair over the head by simply brushing the hair and you can also cut the hair which comes out of your hairstyle with the clippers.

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