Steps To Get Garlic Treatment At home

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Garlic treatment on hair is a process that can be undergone at home for various purposes. Once of the most important thing that can be achieved with the garlic treatment is making your hair healthy. It is also known to prevent hair loss and make the hair look shiny. Instead of using the normal garlic over your hair, you can try to purchase shampoos and other products that feature garlic extract suitable for your hair.
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Getting a garlic treatment can help in making hair strong and also maintain the moisture in your hair that can prevent it from getting damaged. The garlic can add more volume into your hair along with shine and make it look fuller. You can also stay away from flaky scalps while treating it with the garlic. If you are using it over the scalp, the garlic can improve blood circulation by removing the harmful toxins before rejuvenating your hair follicles. For undergoing garlic treatment, try to purchase the product from a specialty drugstore near your home and there are also few online beauty product sales website that can be referred. It is important to do a test with the garlic before purchasing the product. To do this, first take half of garlic and rub it over the scalp for half an hour before going to bed. Then apply olive oil before covering it with a cap and wash your hair in the morning.

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Preparing Natural Shampoo At Home

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Creating a natural hair shampoo is the best way to prevent damage caused to the hair with the chemical products. There are different techniques that can be used to create the natural shampoo for your hair at home. Most of the people prefer homemade hairstyling products, but they will not have an idea about preparing them. The daily used hair product is the shampoo that is very easy to prepare with natural items.
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The first option is using chamomile tea about 6 bags in a bowl and boil it for about 15 minutes and add 4 tbsp pure soap flakes into it. Then mix 1 1/2 tbsp pure vegetable glycerin into the bowl and mix it completely. Once the mixture in your bowl becomes cool, try to apply it over the hair like a shampoo. The second option is 1/4 cup warm water in a bowl and mix 1/4 cup liquid castile soap. Include 1/2 tsp olive oil into the bowl and mix them perfectly. You can use this product on the hair instead of a shampoo as usual. The third option is taking 1/4 cup liquid castile soap along with 1/4 cup aloe vera serum in a bowl. Then 1 tbsp mix pure vegetable glycerin along with 1/4 tbsp avocado oil into the bottle and try to shake it well. Now the mixture can be applied over the hair than using the shampoo.

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Creating Fusion Extensions At Home

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Fusion extensions are not so popular hair weaving method as it features coating ends of the extensions with glue that will be attached to your hair. It is considered to consume too much of time when compared to other weaving techniques. Here is s method to create fusion extensions at home. Make sure to get some help from a friend while doing this at home as it can be a difficult process for the first time.
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First keep parchment paper on the ground and cut the keratin glue sticks as small parts. Make sure the cut keratin glue sticks is able to fit in the melting pot. Try to keep the keratin glue stick in the melting pot to make the glue to melt. Then cut the small parts of your weave and wear fusion guards in your fingers so it can prevent the hot glue from falling on your hands. Now take the small section of your hair and dip it inside the glue that has been melted. Then immediately start rolling it in between the fingers to create the sharp point. Place your fusion extension over parchment paper to make it dry completely. Follow the same technique on the remaining fusion extensions to end the process. Always take small amount of extensions while styling it in this way to prevent a messy looking hair at the end of the process.

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Steps To Wash Hair Follicles At Home

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Cleaning the follicles in your hair requires special technique. Hair follicles can get clogged due to various reasons on the scalp that needs special treatment. You can clean the follicles by sitting at home using few simple natural products. Try to follow a particular diet which must include vegetables as well as fruits on daily basis to maintain the scalp healthy. This can help in balancing the hormones and immune system.
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First take saw palmetto in a bowl and spread it over the scalp. Leave it on for just twenty minutes before washing the hair with the shampoo and applying a hair conditioner. Another option is mixing 1 tbsp of salt along with 2 tbsp of warm water and apply it over the scalp just like massaging. This process will help in making the follicles unclogged without any special treatments. You can also try applying a small amount of lemon juice over your scalp and massage it gently before rinsing the hair with cold water. After this you must use the regular shampoo for washing the hair and condition it properly. Another method is taking apple cider vinegar and mixing it with water for massaging it over the scalp before shampoo washing the hair. If you don’t want to use any of these techniques to open the hair follicles, just get into shower with hot water and the steam will open it.

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Creating Sock Waves At Home

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Sock waves are a simple way of creating beautiful hairstyle without using any special hairstyling products. This is the best way to achieve waves without applying heat on the hair. You can do the same at home to create the waves by using this simple method. Anyone who wants to create the waves in their hair without spending money can follow this technique. You can just use the socks that are too old to use to achieve this hairstyle.
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First take a sock and try to cut it into half which will be used to create the waves. You must use at least 5-6 socks to create large waves in the hair. Now take your sock that has been cut into half for rolling it around your hair ends. Make sure that the hair ends gets wrapped around the small sock. Try to roll the hair along with your sock till you reach near the scalp of the scalp. After reaching the perfect place near the hair roots make a simple knot to keep it secured in place. Leave the hair wrapped in the same way all over the head and leave it overnight. In the morning you can just unroll the sock from your hair to achieve beautiful bouncy waves all over the head. Now style the entire waves in your hair using your fingers and don’t use a hair brush.

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Treating Yaki Hair At Home

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Yaki hair is one of the best wig that is suitable for those who have a black texture in their hair. This hair can give a natural look when compared to other wigs that are available in the store, because it is made of human hair. You must know the proper way to treat the yaki hair which can help to use it again and again for a long time. Most of the time yaki hair will look as though it has been premed and sometimes even straightened due to its texture.
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First you must wash the yaki hair with a shampoo that has been specially made for treating damaged hair. The best way to wash the yaki hair is placing it over the mannequin as you will be able to do it properly. Then apply an anti-frizz hair serum all over to make it fully smooth. Make the hair to dry on its own and avoid using other hairstyling tools such as flat iron as they can damage the yaki hair easily. Now comb the hair using a normal hair brush only when it becomes completely dry. Put only few strokes using the comb for brushing the hair and don’t over comb the hair as it can damage it permanently. Don’t use hairstyling products that contain mineral as they can spoil the yaki hair by removing the texture out of it.

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Permanent Hair Rebonding Process At Home

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Hair rebonding is a process that is normally done by going to a saloon. This process involves chemicals that are used to make the hair straight. It is a permanent hair straightening process that can be used on any type of hair. You can also do this at home after purchasing the styling kit from a store and try to follow this simple styling technique.
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First use a standard shampoo to wash the hair and dry it using a normal blow dryer. Then make sections in the hair all over the head and brush each of them as usual before keeping them separated with clips. Now wear hand gloves and start using the relaxant from the kit all over the hair. Leave the relaxant on for about half an hour and use the hair steamer for about 15 minutes. The time for leaving the relaxant and steamer on your hair will depend on the condition as well as texture of your hair. Next rinse the hair and use the blow dryer once again over your hair. Now apply keratin lotion from the kit all over the hair and use the flat iron to make the hair straight. Start using the hair neutralizer on each section of your hair and leave it for about half an hour and then rinse the hair using cold water. Make your hair dry using the blow dryer and use the flat iron on the hair sections again.

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Getting Malibu Treatment At Home

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Malibu treatment is usually used for treating the hair that has been damaged with the hard water. This treatment features anti-oxidants that are used for taking the copper, iron and calcium out of your hair. Most of them go to a saloon to get this treatment done, but you can also do the same at home. This the natural way of getting the Malibu treatment done on your hair without going to a hairstylist and there is no chemicals involved in this process.
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First take instant lemonade and mix it with water to create paste as per your desire. Then mist the hair with water so it can become slightly damp. Next apply the mixture over the hair from top to bottom just like using the hair conditioner. After covering the entire hair try to use a towel to wrap the head or you can also use a shower cap. Let the hair to set for about fifteen minutes and take the cover out of the head. Now you can wash the hair as normally you would do with a shampoo. Use this method at least one time in a month to treat the hair in a perfect manner. While using the lemonade paste for the first time it can be slightly sting your hair similar to the actual Malibu treatment and there is no to worry about this. Try to mix the instant lemonade depending upon the length of your hair.

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Steam Treat Hair At Home

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Steam treating hair can keep it moisturized as well as strong for a long time. It can also help to detangle the hair very easily by opening the hair cuticles easily with using any conditioner. You can get the steam treatment at home without spending too much time. You must be very careful while getting the steam treatment at home and don’t do it more than two times as it can make the hair strands weak.
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As usual clean your hair using clarifying shampoo to remove the buildup of dirt. Then use the hair conditioner all over the hair strands which is a very important process that must be followed without fail before going for the steam treatment. Now place a plastic cap over the head and make sure it sits perfect over the head without coming out. Wear hand gloves and take a towel for dipping into hot water. Keep the towel slightly damp and wrap it over the head and place another cap over the towel which can keep the steam in place. Let the towel stay over your head for half an hour and wet the towel again with hot water if you want to use it over the head twice. Once the towel on the head becomes cool, take it out gently and use normal water for the rinsing process. Try this method of steaming your hair at least once in a week to maintain the hair healthy.

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