Using Hot Comb On Your Hair

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Hot comb is known to be one of the best tools to make the hair look straight. But at the same time you must also be very careful while using this tool on the hair. The hot comb is available with different versions and the most used one is the Marcel iron which must be heated in the stove. The hairstylist will also use the same styling technique if you visit a saloon to make the hair straight. You must also know the right tool to use on the hair for making it straight.
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These combs are also available in different size and the Marcel iron has very small teeth that will look close to each other. You can use this tool even if the hair has been trimmed too short. Try to use wider combs if your hair looks thick. Don’t use the hot comb on the hair section for a longer time as it can burn them very easily. You can use the hot comb on a cloth before using it over the hair and make sure it is not too hot. The hot combs are very effective on the hair if you want to make them straight and it can be used without getting support from anyone. If you are trying this hair straightening methods for the first time try to get some support from a friend. Don’t pull the hair too much to use the straightening tool as it can cause breakage.

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