Styling A Wig With Hot Roller

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Styling a wig can be a very difficult process as you cannot use some of the styling tools over it as it can get easily damaged. Most of the people would like to curl the wig that is possible only by using a hot roller. By following these steps you will be able to use the hot roller over the wig.
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First brush your wig gently using a vent comb from end of your hair and move towards the root. Then place the wig over the wig stand and take the hot rollers with medium heat. Divide your wig into various parts and secure each of them using clips separately. Mist each of the parts with a spray and start rolling them in the hot roller. Make sure to wrap each of the hair part around the hot roller fully and move straight up towards your hair root before keeping it secured in place using the hair clip. Use the same method to curl the remaining hair parts very gently and leave them on till the wig becomes fully cold. Now take the hot roller out of the wig carefully and adjust the curls gently using your vent comb. End the curling process after misting the entire wig with a normal hairspray. Avoid using the curling over the wig as it can damage it completely and if you are using a synthetic hair wig, try to use only low heat.

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