Even though politicians are not expected top the “looks” chart, some of them possess amazing looks and hairstyles. Following are some of the best hairstyles sported by our world leaders.

John F Kennedy

Unlike his strong and authoritative style of ruling, he kept is hairstyle simple and straight. The side parting looked really sober on him and suited his face type.

The all-American John F. Kennedy pioneered the modern-day political comb-over.

Mitt Romney

Many believe that Mitt Romney should be in Hollywood rather than political circles.  His hairstyle is as attractive as his debating skills.

Do we even need to wonder why Mitt Romney is first in the polls? It's not the smooth talking. It's that hair. if Newt Gingrich wants to take him out, no Lincoln-Douglas debate is necessary -- just a good buzz trimmer.

Ronald Reagan

He did not only introduced┬áthe power of “peace through strength” and brought down the Berlin Wall but also had one of the best hairstyles in Russian political arena.

Ronald Reagan helped bring down the Berlin Wall and end the Cold War with the power of "peace through strength" -- and, of course, amazing hair.