Katie Holmes With Flapper Bob

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Katie Holmes is wearing a flapper bob that is a very unique way of styling the hair and it has been a popular hairstyle from a very long time. Anyone can create this look with their hair within few minutes at home without consulting any hair specialist. To get Katie Holmes look, clean the entire hair using a normal shampoo and don’t forget to rinse it fully.
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Then make seven parts in your hair all over the head and leave just 1/4 hair all around the head such as right of your head, left side of your head, at the left crown, at the right crown, on top of the head top, near your left nape and near the right nape. Comb your hair near the front part over one side of your head and try to cut it as per your desire. Leave the cut hair to hang on its own and go to the back part of your head to match with the front part of your hair that was cut. Start cutting the hair section at the back  about 1 inch long which will be used as a guide for cutting the hair from back of the head and moving towards front section. Loosen your nape hair section half inch and comb it properly before cutting the hair as per your desire. Use the same cutting technique on the hair that at left, right, near left crown, near right crown and top of your head.

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